I love the colors and patterns of vintage hankies. I have my grandmother’s hankies and am always thinking of ways to use them without cutting them (I don’t know why that bothers me!). So here is a way to use them to wear them! Make them into a beautiful scarf! This handkerchief scarf would make a lovely handmade Mother’s Day gift!

Find 6 or so handkerchief scarfs that are the same with. This did take some effort and I had to supplement with some handkerchiefs I found at an antique store. They usually cost less than $2.00.

Sew the handkerchiefs right sides together. Sew as close to the rolled hem of the handkerchiefs as you can.

Now you have a fun new accessory or a beautiful handmade gift!

You can also make these adorable handkerchief lavendar sachets with vintage handkerchiefs. They make such a beautiful yet calming gift!

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  1. Love the scarf idea-when worn it feels like their love is with you! Thank you for sharing your tips on how to make it.

  2. Enjoyed your post. I have a antique/vintage booth with a plastic “dresser” of doilies, etc. I made a little sign that says,”These are not your grandmother’s linens so you can cut them up for projects.” I couldn’t cut up my late relatives’ things either

  3. I used batiste which is available in any fabric store. It’s lightweight but will give you enough stability but still allow for the scarf to hang well and “flow”.

  4. Love it, I have made a handkerchief quilt but never thought to use them this way love all your ideas

  5. I wanted to do this but some of my hankies are so fragile. Do you have any suggestions about what I might use to back a scarf like that? Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the interesting idea. You do need to proofread, spell check or grammar check your writing before publishing it. LOL

  7. Years ago I bought these vintage cocktail napkins with the intention of doing something with them one day. I don’t know; maybe frame them. But this?!?! This is the perfect idea. Thank you.

  8. Love this old hanky scarf….I am going to try this! Thanx for sharing. I am your newest follower! Tiffany

  9. Really…I don’t get to see your face? But that is a lovely scarf. Love the idea and the color combos.

  10. I just found a stack of vintage handkerchiefs and literally yesterday was looking through them and wondering what they could become. This is perfect!

  11. Pretty scarf! Great! I love personalized or handmade gifts. This would be a perfect gift for mother’s day or any occasion. Thanks!

  12. I love this scarf! Any Mother would be proud to show this off and wear it! You did a great job!

  13. What a wonderful way to use those hankies!!

    I would love to share this on my Discovering Beauty post that I do on Saturdays. I will link back to you – Please let me know if this would be ok with you!

    bee blessed

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