We used children’s straw purses from the dollar store as our baskets for our May Day flowers today

I hope your day was happy!

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  1. so pretty; we kinda missed May Day; I’ll have to work on it next year. love your blog.

  2. Very cute!

    I used your template and my Stampin’ Up! papers to make some gorgeous cones filled with roses. They turned out great. May Day is definitely in my top three holidays! As Amanda said, everyone is surprised!

  3. oh it was. we went to exchange city though and didn’t get back in time to do may day justice. love yours though!

  4. Oh, those are so cute! I was so pleased with myself for making *any* may baskets, you’ve totally inspired me to a new level for next year. Honestly, though, I love this holiday because it’s so obscure and no one is actually expecting anything!
    Amanda librarycollective.blogspot.com

  5. happy may day!! What a cute idea with the purses. You have the best ideas. xo

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