Happy Valentine’s Day! Or like they say in Spanish, feliz día de San Valentín! Some people think of Spanish is the language of love, and that’s why today I’m sharing a romantic way to make this special day better for Spanish speakers with free Valentine’s Day printables. These cards have short phrases in Spanish that are ready to be printed and signed with your name.

There are different ways to use these printable Valentine’s day resources:

  • learning new vocabulary for Spanish learners
  • gifting your loved ones a Valentine’s Day card that is original
  • practicing Valentine’s day worksheets in the Spanish language

So if you’ve got a Valentine from Latin America or from other Spanish-speaking countries and want to impress them with a romantic dinner and Spanish phrases, or are looking for Valentine’s Day activities for your Spanish class, keep reading!

By the way, did you know that February 14th is also known as “Día del amor y la amistad”? The direct translation is Love and friendship day!

Printable Spanish Valentine’s Day Cards

Download and print these fun ways to wish someone a Feliz dia de San Valentin!

print cut and fold Feliz dia de San Valentin or Te Amo card
Print, cut and fold your own cards!

Want to color your own cards? Here’s a printable black and white version too!

Image shows a printable Valentine's day card in Spanish that says "feliz dia de san valentine" and "te amo". - Skip to my lou
Simple words that mean so much!

Feliz día de San Valentín

This is probably the most common way to tell someone you wish them a nice Valentine’s day! It literally means Happy Valentine’s Day.

Te amo

“Te amo” are more than just Valentine’s day vocabulary words, as they are used all year round, not just on el catorce de febrero (Spanish for February 14th). It means I love you, but you can also say te adoro or te quiero mucho.

pink valentines cards with Spanish sayings
Share a Valentine’s wish in Spanish with these adorable cards.

El Día de los enamorados

Meaning “Lovers’ day”, it reminds us that this day is to celebrate our loved ones!

Image shows a printable Valentine's day card in Spanish that says "Dia de los enamorados" and "te quiero hasta el infinito". - Skip to my lou
More beautiful and romantic phrases in black & white so you can color!

Te quiero hasta el infinito

Here’s a really romantic one! “Te quiero hasta el infinito” means “I love you to infinity”. Isn’t that so sweet?

I really hope you enjoyed these cards! Simply print them, cut them and fold them in half. Then, decorate as you wish and add your own touch!

Download Valentine’s Day in Spanish black & White Cards

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Happy Valentines Day!

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