Tell friends to have an amazing day with this cute jar label. It is a sure way to brighten a friend’s day! Free printable labels make it easy to spread a little joy! Who wouldn’t love to receive a jar full of treats?

If you love sharing small gifts with friends to let them know how special here is a cute thanks a bunch for being a great friend tag it is perfect to attach to flowers.have an amazing day gift

Have an Amazing Day

Grab a glass quart canning jar or another jar at least three inches wide to accommodate the label and fill with your favorite goodies. A great way to start your day off right! We are a huge fan of these chewy fruit flavored Lemonhead candies. YUM! Plus they are so bright and cheery! We actually found these at the dollar store.

jar of candy

Have an amazing day gift

Download the pdf file. Print in color on a solid sheet of label paper. Cut out the circle.

—> download here Printable amazing day label

have an amazing day labels

I use a three-inch circle punch to make it easy.

3 inch hole punch with label

Tie ribbon around the jar and place the sticker over the ribbon on the front of the jar.

candy gift in jar with ribbon

If you like wrap the ribbon around the jar then up around the lid and make a bow.

have an amazing day gift in a jar

They are sure to have a good day!

Ways to let your friends know you think they are amazing!

I believe we can make a difference in the lives of others by sharing love and encouragement. Let those around you know how special they are. Your encouraging word might be just what they need.  Joy will increase as you give it and never seems as bright when you keep it for yourself.

I hope you have an amazing day!

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  1. Hello Wanda, If you don’t have a printer at home a local copy shop can make them for you. Email them the file and ask them to print in color on a solid sheet of label paper. I use Office Max (Depot) where I live.

  2. I love the printables for the jars but I have no way of making them . Do u know how I can get some ?

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