Typically a heart attack isn’t a very good thing, that is until you see this heart attack! This sweet Valentine idea will be a tradition that your kids will love to give and recieve. With just simple paper hearts cut out and taped onto some unsuspecting doors, kindness and love with spread like wildfire.  This printable kit will make it easy!

These Valentine printables and Valentine box ideas will have you all ready for the sweet holiday!

Now there are many ways that you can use your Heart Attack free printable kit…

  1. Print out the hearts, cut them out and write special notes for your friends and family on the back.
  2. Cut out the printable hearts and using a glue dot attach a heart shaped candy to the back.
  3. Create a cute jar with your heart attacks inside using the fun printable label that I created.
  4. Visit a friend or loved one and use your printable hearts to create a ding dong ditch heart attack by taping all the hearts onto the person’s front door.
  5. Put a special message on the heart cutout and tape one to my kids door each day starting February 1st through the whole month.

Frankly, you can create all kind of fun with these simple printable hearts. I decided to create a jar of hearts for my heart attack…

Here are the printable hearts and labels…


 A speical thanks to my friend Heather at whipperberry for this great kit. You can download the printables here… Heart Page One // Heart Page Two // Heart Attack Labels

Don’t miss all the other fun printable Valentines in our Print Your Valentines Series. Here are a few more Valentine ideas:

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  1. I’ve tried downloading the tags for O fishally tags. I want to use them for an activity in the nursing home where I work. But for whatever reason, it’s not printing. Too bad, as it would have been a nice activity for our senior residents.

  2. What a fun idea! I printed your label (THANK YOU!) and used my Circut Expression machine to cut out hearts on different colored paper. Then I hand wrote the sentiments on them and attached them to chocolate. When I share what I made on or after Valentine’s Day, I’ll link back to you so people can see the original idea. 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me and for the beautiful printables!

  3. How fun!!! I just saw a cute tute the other day like this w/ a childs bdrm door coated in paper hearts for them when they return from school or wake in the morning. I dont have a youngin in the house anymore but the Hub will get a kick outta this!!! Thank you BOTH!

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