This heart cake bunting is super quick and easy way to dress up a cake! I love these cake buntings. I think it makes a cake extra special. You might like to see my printable happy birthday cake bunting.

Heart Cake Bunting

All you need is a heart hole punch (I found mine at Michael’s), an Elmer’s glue stick, twine or string, straws, miniature clothes pins and scrapbooking paper.

Heart Cake Bunting Supplies

Fold a strip of paper in half. Place the folded edge of the paper just below the humps in the heart punch. Make sure you do not cut through the fold at the very top.

heart cake bunting punch

This makes the heart double.

Heart Bunting punched heart

Continue punching until you have about five to six hearts.

Heart Bunting punched heards

Place Elmer’s glue on the back side of the hearts and slip around the twine. Glue as many hearts as you need to go across the cake.

Heart Bunting tutorial

I decided to use clothes pins to fasten the string across the straws. I attached a sticker (a little wood shape or paper rosette would work too) to the clothes pin.

Heart Bunting tutorial clips

Place the clip into the straw. If you don’t want to use clips the twine can be tied to the straw.

Heart cake bunting stringing hearts

Now it is ready to place into the top of the cake. I place the straws in a couple of inches. To make the bunting more secure send skewers inside the straws deep into the cake.

Heart Cake bunting tutorial

This post was sponsored by Elmer’s Glue all ideas are my own.

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