These heart drawings are easy and quick ways to learn how to draw perfectly shaped hearts. I even have printable step-by-step guides. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Did your heart just skip a beat?

If you love hearts you will love these darling heart coloring pages. Did you know you can give someone a heart attack? Don’t worry this attack is a good thing! I even give you the heart template.

Simple Heart Drawing

how to draw a heart step by step
Easy Heart Drawing

How to Draw a Heart

  1. Find a circle shape to trace and trace it lightly with pencil on the top left side of you paper.
  2. Trace another circle to the right of the first one. Make sure the sides of the circles meet. Now lightly draw a guide line straight down from the intersection of the circles. Draw a straight line perpendicular to the line you just drew. This will be the bottom of heart guide line.
  3. Form the sides of the heart by dropping a faint line from the outside of each circle to the intersection of the lines at the bottom.
  4. Now go back and follow the curved lines of the circles and curve the lines to create a curvy heart shape.
  5. Go back and erase the faint guide lines you drew and with a colored pencil or marker draw your heart outline.

Cute Heart Drawing Easy!

This cute heart drawing teaches you how to add an adorable face to your drawn heart! You can color your heart any color, of course. And these are so cute, you won’t be able to stop at one!

step by step guide for cute heart drawing
Cute Heart Smiley Face Drawing

In just a few steps you can make the cutest heart. You will be able to draw your own Valentine Cards this year!!! How special is that!!! Let’s go!!!

  1. Draw an oval or find an oval shape to trace. The larger your oval, the bigger your cute heart!
  2. Drop 2 straight lines from the sides of the oval to a point below the center of the oval.
  3. Erase the bottom of the oval.
  4. Trace or draw two circles at the top of the oval.
  5. Erase the top of the oval.
  6. Erase the inner parts of the circles. You should have a heart outline and now ready for the smiley face step.
  7. Add 2 circles for eyes inside the heart shape. Make the circle on the left slightly bigger than the circle on the right.
  8. Add pupils by drawing little moons that open to the right. Add a little grin under the eyes. So cute, right?
  9. Color your heart with markers or coloring pencils. Who’s going to get this one?

my favorite drawing supplies

If you had fun with these heart drawings I have more step-by-step easy drawing tutorials for you to enjoy! You won’t believe all the things you can draw!

More Hearts!

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