I love hanging decorations from my ceilings.


I took a few different colors of cardstock (construction paper works too) and cut out different heart shapes. I did have access to a die-cut machine but don’t let that stop you if you don’t!  Hand cut hearts would probably me much more charming!


I sewed through them on my sewing machine with clear thread. Pull out a foot or so of thread before you start sewing so you have plenty to hang your hearts with.


I could never have too many of these hanging around!


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  2. How do you stitch these hearts together with the space between them? Can you just keep stitching even though you are stitching “air”? Doesn’t the thread become knotted or tangled because you are not stitching through anything?

  3. I love this idea and the idea of using the sewing machine. I linked this and the glitter hearts to my blog.

  4. I found this while looking for a craft for my 2 year old and her friends. I’m going to try to adapt this to hearts cut out of felt for more permanence, which is similar to a New Years garland I saw on another blog. (was it this one?)

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  6. This is right up my alley! It’s very similar to the way I “speed piece” when I’m making a quilt. I’ll sew triangles together leaving little spaces of thread and then cut them apart later. The process is so much faster than stopping, cutting the thread and moving on. Thanks for sharing this cute craft!

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