Silhouette gave me some of their new gold printable paper to try and it is amazing! I was able to make these labels for my homemade strawberry jam. I will be sharing the recipe later.

First I designed a label.

Strawberry Jam Labels PDF

I created a PDF with many labels on a page and opened it in the Silhouette software. I placed a frame (from the Silhouette Artisan Label Set) around  each label.

Now here is the cool part. Select file, then registration mark settings, then click show registration marks (I did default/auto). Then choose send to silhouette. Print the labels on the gold foil right from the design studio on your printer. See the black square? That is one of the registration marks. Place printable foil on cutting mat.

Load mat into machine. Choose select registration automatically and let it do its thing. Set cutting settings for the printable foil and cut!

Peel off labels and stick on your homemade jam! I used some elastic gold cord to cover the lid with a vintage handkerchief.

So fun to have created my very own labels! Imagine the possibilites for tags and labels for all of your homemade gifts!

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  1. dont have a cameo, but do have a cricut explorer will it work? Love the recipes

  2. How did you find working with the printable foil ?, it’s meant to work on inkjet printers as well as lasers, but mine come out very smudged as the ink doesn’t seem to stick to the foil no matter what setting I try.
    rwd x

  3. I could really sell some of my goods at our church bizare if I could make these labels! Wish me luck!!

  4. This would be a dream come true. I hope whomever wins will enjoy their prize. Thank you so much for offering us this great opportunity.

  5. I have just discovered how much I could really, really use one of these machines. There are SO many really cool things to do with them and to create. I am just itching to get my hands on one and get started!

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