Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Well it was…almost too easy!

A ream of paper $3Teacher-Appreciatio-1

teacherCut and ‘padded’ (it’s the fancy word for gluing the edges of paper) at the office supply store = $8

9 gifts for $11! That’s a deal!!

I wanted the ream cut into 9 squares as shown in the drawing above.

Yes, they are perfect squares…just use a little imagination. The office supply store cut them perfectly. I just wanted to show you how I had them cut the ream of paper and I don’t have any skills in photoshop.

Teacher-Appreciation-3All this white paper just screaming to be drawn on!

Teacher-Appreciation-4This is a cool picture!

Teacher-AppreciationI did a little work for you. I told them to make a super tall(1000 papers tall) pad of paper, a short one (500 papers tall that’s one ream), and one that is 350 papers tall. I think I like the one ream tall the best. The tower of super tall papers looked…like over-kill, and the 350 looked like I was cheap!


I had my kids draw on the sides of the pad to create a one of a kind teacher appreciation gift that a teacher could use! Scraps of paper for notes! We also tied new markers…well kind of new. I needed them to draw on the sides, but they’ll never know! We put the teacher’s name, You Rock, and #1 Teacher on the sides of the pad.

My daughter also made one for her Grandpa for an Easter gift. This would be awesome for a Father’s day gift too! Wa….hoo….teacher appreciation gift and father’s day gift in one shot! YES!

If you are wondering why I didn’t ‘pad’ or glue the paper myself, I didn’t want too. I priced the ‘padding’ and it was over $14 for one small jar. I figured I could pay someone $11 and not only get the same thing at a better price, but I didn’t have to deal with the mess. Another good reason, I can’t figure out how to cut 500 sheets of paper straight with a pair of scissors:)For more ideas on teacher appreciation gifts click here!

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  1. I got them done at Staples. They did one ream into 12 rectangles not super high but bigger piece of paper. They even put cardboard on the bottom. It was about $20 but I had a coupon for $4. I split it with another mom. Plus sharpies were on sale 12 for $5. I have four teachers with three pens each for $2.6 each.
    I am also doing the Jamba Juice cup, coffee sleeve and dollar store pencil/pen holders.
    I figured I will spend about $15 for each teacher plus the brunch that we do on Friday for them.
    This is our first year of teacher appreciation and you made it easy!
    Thanks for all of the great ideas!!

  2. I absolutely love this idea! How clever and fun. Creative things like this are so much fun!

  3. I had the funniest experience at office max. They just couldn’t believe I wanted my note pads to be 1 ream tall. They kept telling me it would turn out huge! Haven’t they ever seen a note cube? And they really, really didn’t want to cut it into nine squares, so we compromised with six (they wanted to do four!). Seriously, it was like I was asking them to make a car out of paper. I’m picking them up tomorrow and hoping they turned out!

    They didn’t sell any paper for $2 a ream, but it still turned out to be a really cheap gift.

  4. I took a ream of paper to FedEx Kinko’s this morning, they just called me and said that their padding machine can only do about 250 sheets and not the 500 of one ream. So now I’m going to have 18 little short pads. 🙁 Does anyone know if different stores have different types of machines? If I do this again I’ll have to call around and find someplace that can do the taller stacks.

  5. I tried Staples today and they don’t do this:( Has anyone been successful?

  6. I had no idea you could do this, so cool!! Great and simple idea!

  7. This is a great idea! So places like office depot or staples can do this? I had no idea. I’m thinking mothers day for this, maybe with a ream of pink paper. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I think I would go cheap and do the 350 ! LOL !! Seriously though, are they really square, or just kind of ? I’m going out of town where they have the real office stores, and ask them about their price on it !

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