If you are interested in Spring Cleaning or love making homemade cleaners this post is for you! You won’t believe you can clean your stainless steel with one ingredient! I bet you already have it in your cupboard too!  Don’t miss this awesome homemade shower cleaner and this helpful DIY drain cleaner.


omemade stainless steel cleaner recipe

It is vinegar! Yes it once again proves to be an amazing cleaner. Simply wipe it on and dry with a soft clean cloth! It works wonders!
homemade stainless steel cleaner

Vinegar also makes the best shower cleaner!  If you want to unclog a drain vinegar will help you out there too!

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  1. Que legal!! Eu não tinha pensado nisso! Mas realmente o cheiro é péssimo!!

  2. Try using rubbing alcohol instead of the vinegar. Works just as good. Rubbing alcohol good also on all glass wear such as your mirrors, the glass on your picture frames, the screen on your TV and computer too.

  3. I cannot get my family to stop complaining when I use vinegar. You’d think I had killed a giant gherkin in my kitchen with all the whinging about the smell.

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