Homemade sugar cubes are super easy to make and add such a nice detail to a party or just make daily tea drinking extra special! Make them in any shape or color.

Cream Cheese Mints are another party must at our house. So good and such a nice touch!

sugar spoon holding a pink heart shape sugar cube over a cup of tea in a fancy tea cup
Homemade Sugar Cubes

I’m so happy you are here! I love sharing easy ideas to celebrate all the special things in life! Whenever you need a great gift please come visit me! I will keep you stocked with loads of entertaining and gift ideas.

These homemade shaped sugar cubes would also make a nice homemade gift from your kitchen. Whenever I serve them to my friends they always ask where I got them from, so I know it will be a favored gift. Once you share them at your next event the same is sure to happen.

Here is What You Need

measuring spoons, measuring cup filled with granulated sugar, food coloring and heart candy mold
Shaped Sugar Cube Supplies

How to Make Homemade Sugar Cubes

Mix 1/2 cup sugar with 1 teaspoon water and tiny (pin drop) bit of paste food coloring. Mix well. It will feel like damp sand.

mixing sugar and food coloring in bowl

Firmly press the sugar into the heart mold.

Carefully flip mold over and remove the hearts. It is a bit tricky during the flip but,  I found it easiest to fill the mold and immediately remove so I could keep making the sugar cubes. Placing something flat on the mold and flipping all together at once made it a bit easier. Wipe mold between fillings.

pink heart shaped sugar cubes
Homemade Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes

Allow sugar cubes to dry and harden. Overnight is best. It doesn’t take long to have beautiful homemade sugar cubes!

two pink heart sugar cubes on white background

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  1. Eme, as long and the mold is small I think it should work. You can put a cookie sheet on top of the mold and hold it firmly while flipping to keep the hearts from dropping out as you flip. This should protect them. Liquid food coloring might add too much liquid. I find the paste easier to control.

  2. Hi, I have an aluminum mini heart-shaped cake or cookie pan. Much like the one you showed. I am hoping that will do. It’s just about the same size as the hearts and depth of them as well. Is there any trick to stop them from cracking? I just wondered if when trying to flip them if they would crack at all. I guess I will have to just try. Also, you mentioned using the paste, is there a difference in the texture if I used liquid food coloring? These are just so sweet for Valentine’s day.

  3. Hi Gail, I haven’t tried any artificial sweeteners. That sure would be great if that worked. If you try it please let us know if it works.

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