Ashley from under the sycamore and Ashley Ann Photography is here sharing a beautiful gift idea!

Ashley writes…..

Okay, here is the easiest craft ever….just in time for Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Week!  I often like giving gift cards to my children’s teachers, but I want a little fun in the presentation than just the envelope that comes with most gift cards. This is a simple idea for presenting both a bouquet of flowers and a gift card, note or picture from your child.

DIY Hairpin Vase Tutorial

Supplies: Glass jar, cute hair pin (mine is from Stella Bella Boutique), hot glue, Goo Be Gone

I think an old mason jar…the kind with the blue/green tint…would be awesome for this.

Step 1: If you are re-purposing a glass jar you might need to remove any labels. Goo Be Gone works great, but I’ve also heard a hair dryer can do wonders.

Step 2: Hot glue hair pin to the jar…use scissors to hold pin open while glue dries. Hot glue will easily peel off the jar and hair pin at a later date.  (Try to find a jar that is similar in curve to your hair pin)

Step 3: Slide in a note from your child, a gift card, a photo or anything else!

Ta Da…a cute little vase to customize a billion ways.

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  1. te felicito por compartir estas hermosas ideas . . . .las hare con mis alumnos

  2. I love this idea. I love the bobby pin idea. It makes it perfect for giving to other people with a sweet note or gift card… Love it!

  3. Oh this is just divine!! I am going to have to use this on one of my table features! Thank you for the tutorial and inspiration.

  4. oh i love doing these! i do stuff like that with mason jars all the time. i think this year i’m going to make them into planters, i think i’ll either put in succulents or flowers and hang then from my fence!

  5. Such a sweet and simple way to design a water jar for flowers! 🙂 I Love this idea, thank you!

    ~Vanessa W

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