Learning how to cover a button is super easy these days! First make sure you grab one of the cover button kits that require no tools. To make a covered button you will also need scissors and a tiny amount of fabric. Just a few inches will do. Grab some parchment paper or wax paper. This extra supply is my trick for making buttons.
Covered Button Kits

You will find all the instructions on the back of the cover button  kit package. Notice the circle that shows how large the fabric needs to be cut.  My special trick is to cut a template out of wax or parchment paper.  Since this paper is slightly see through you can easily see how large to cut the paper.

How to cover a button make template

The best part of the paper being see through is it allows you to easily line up the pattern of the fabric in the center. You can easily tell what the top of your button will look like.

How to cover a button cut fabric

Once you have the fabric circle cut grab the top and bottom metal pieces from the package.

how to cover a button no tools kit

Wrap the fabric circle around the metal top and push inside.  Use the hooks on the inside to secure the fabric.  A pencil eraser can help fasten the fabric.

how to cover a button press in fabric

Place the back onto the the back of the top. It will snap right in. Use a spool of thread for leverage if it doesn’t snap right on. Typically this is super easy to snap in. Make sure you have the right side snapping in.

how to cover a button press on back

So easy to make cute covered buttons!

how to cover a button

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