How to Draw a Bee is your simple tutorial for learning how to plan out and sketch a realistic bee! So, with this step-by-step tutorial, kids of all ages will have this hardworking insect drawn and colored in no time!

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Easy Bee Drawing Step by Step Starts Here!

Bees are pollinators and that makes them an important part of our ecosystem. I hope you will stop and watch the bees gather pollen and understand that they are just busy workers.

  1. Use a ruler or the edge of anything straight and draw a line down the middle of your paper. I am using 8 1/2 x 11 in paper, so my measurements are based on these dimensions. Of course, the line should extend from the top to the bottom of the drawing paper. Next, measure down 3 inches from the top of your paper to draw a 3-inch line. And repeat that step and draw another 3-inch line below that. These short lines provide the framework for the drawing since we are aiming for symmetry. draw center line for the bee drawing
  2. In this step, the bee sketch takes shape. Start by centering a large oval around the first 3-inch line. This is the thorax. Next make the bee’s head and eyes with and upside-down U shape and a curved line on each side connecting the head to the thorax. Now draw the abdomen by drawing a gently curving line to the next 3-inch line and then extending that line down and equal distance and ending it at the vertical line. Repeat on the other side as shown in the illustration, of course. open folded paper and draw the other side of the bee
  3. With the basic framework in place, check your drawing so far and make sure the left side and the right side are symmetrical. Make any changes now before adding more body parts and details to the bee’s body. Now we start adding dimension by sketching in a rounded circled inside the bee’s head and adding an oval on the right side. Add ovals inside each eye. So, on the thorax and abdomen, add lines and ovals as shown in the illustration. These are the outlines of the stripes, and the ovals will be highlights.body details for drawing a bee
  4. In this step you will use light broken lines to draw the antennae, front legs, middle legs, back legs of the bee as shown. Remember to keep these as symmetrical as you can.add legs on how to draw a bee
  5. To draw the bee’s wings, measure a 3 1/2-inch line framework line extending up and out from just under the middle of the thorax. The line should be parallel with the first segment of the leg. The next framework line is a 3-inch line drawn slightly below the first line and should be parallel with the horizontal line of the thorax. Now repeat these lines on the other side, of course. And then, draw the rest of bee’s wing using lines that curve as shown in the illustration.draw details for the bee
  6. It is time to erase your framework lines, because you are about to flesh out the antennae and legs. First draw elongated U shapes and elongated tear drop shapes for the segments as shown in the illustration. Then erase all the horizonal and vertical lines you drew at the beginning, including the wing lines. Next, outline in ink pens.bee outline
  7. So, I used a black marker to shade black stripes and a gray marker to shade in the middle of the head of the bee. You may want to use yellow instead of the orange color I used to color between the black stripes.draw wings for the bee drawing
  8. Finally, I used a gray marker to add veins inside the bee’s wing to complete my bee today.
  9. color the bee

Easy Bee Drawing Video Tutorial

Bee-fore you Fly Away

Bumblebees and honey bees are powerful pollinators. And believe it or not, wasps and hornets earn their keep by eating insects, so let’s continue to support our flying insect friends by checking these out! And thank you so much for stopping by today. So, leave a comment bee-low and tell me what drawing tutorials you would like to see!

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