If you’re looking for a great tutorial with easy steps to learn how to draw a cow, you have come to the right place! The best part about following a step-by-step tutorial is you can work at your own pace. Drawing tutorials are a good idea for those who wish to learn how to draw new things or improve their art as novice artists.

Cartoon animals are a great first step to practicing your art and as a bonus, you get a cool drawing to keep forever! This adorable cartoon cow is the best way for kids to learn how to draw a cow using basic shapes and simple steps to follow along to. If this is your first drawing of a cow, you’ll find that it is much easier than you expect it to be – just follow this step-by-step guide for all skill levels and see how easy it is to draw farm animals for yourself!


draw the nose of the cow

For the first step, we’re going to start with the cow’s nose. You’ll first draw an oval for the outline of the snout – this oval will have indents on both sides. It’s not a realistic cow so it doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect. From there, you’ll add a small curve underneath for the bottom of the cow’s mouth. For the nostrils, you’ll want to draw two tear shapes facing out towards the edges to give the appearance of the nose being round.

how to draw a cow: step two

add the eyes to the cow

For the next step of how to draw a cow, you’ll add to the previous step by adding some simple shapes to create the eyes of the cow. You’ll create a series of 3 circles inside one another starting with the smallest circle first and forming two larger ones around each other, with the last one being more oval shaped to create the appearance of a cute cow eye.

how to draw a cow: step three

now finish the head horns and ears

From there, you’ll start to draw the top of the head. Round it off on top to connect the eyes and the face, noting that this shouldn’t be a straight line. In fact, cow heads are all kinds of shapes, so don’t hesitate to get creative here! Then, you’ll add two ears to both sides of the head near the top. These ears generally look like the leaves you would draw on a plant, and again, they don’t have to be absolutely perfect! For the final step of the easy cow head, you’ll add two horns right above the ears that you’ve just added, both curving slightly inward like a realistic cow!

how to draw a cow: step four

add the body and legs with hooves

The next step is drawing the cow’s body. Following the reference photo, you’ll start from the top creating a curved back, noting that there is a dip in the cow’s back before you reach the hind legs (note: you only need to draw one for this tutorial on how to draw a cow because it’s a slanted picture meaning the other hind leg would be hidden from view). Next, you’ll round it out for the back end and curve slightly back in creating the shape of the legs.

You can add the hooves now or after you complete the shape of the cow’s body, but continuing from here, you’ll draw a long curved line to create the underbelly of the cow. You’ll also add the front legs, making sure they look similar to your hind legs as well. Lastly, you’ll curve upwards to connect the rest of the body to the head going right up the center of the head and meeting under the chin.

how to draw a cow: step five

add the tail and udder

The cow’s udders are added next under the belly by drawing a small semi-circle with three U-shaped udders. You’ll also add a long curved tail with a sprig of hair at the end!

how to draw a cow: final step

outline the spots

The last step for your drawing is adding the final lines to your drawing by adding misshapen circles all over the cow’s body to create the black spots!

color in the cow!

For the last and final step, color in your drawing! One of the most interesting facts about cows is that they are red/green color blind, meaning they cannot tell the difference between the two colors. Feel free to use any colors in your drawing as this is YOUR drawing! If you want to use a white color to color in your cow, you can, but no matter if you choose to create a brown cow, or even a pink cow, you’ll get to walk away with a cool cow drawing after following these basic steps for how to draw a cow.

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