This step-by-step how to draw a dinosaur guide will teach you how to create your own easy dinosaur. With just a few easy steps, your creativity, and this dinosaur drawing tutorial, you’ll be on your way to drawing a whole dinosaur herd before you know it! No artistic skills are needed!

Final result of a dinosaur drawing
Try this realistic dinosaur sketch.

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Although this step-by-step guide is shown in black ink or pencil, there is no reason you can’t add color to your dinosaur. Imagine all of the beautifully colored realistic dinosaurs you could make, like the tyrannosaurus rex. You or your children can create all the different dinosaurs using this dinosaur easy tutorial and other dinosaur drawing guides. You can even add beautiful background to your own dinosaur drawing.

Supplies For Realistic Wolf Drawing 

The first step is the have the right supplies needed to draw! Having the right art supplies available makes the drawing process super easy and enjoyable. Below you’ll find some of my favorites! 

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How to Draw a Dinosaur Step-By-Step Instructions

A dinosaur coloring page is great and all, but being able to draw an amazing dinosaur shows skill and patience. Follow these 7 step-by-step instructions, and you’ll be drawing a t.rex before you know it.

  1. Let’s start with the dinosaur face. Specifically, we’ll look at the eye. At this point, to draw the eye socket, you will create an oval shape with a black circle inside of it for the iris and pupil. You’ll then draw a curved line above the eye for the eyebrow and a small line under the eye too.
Step 1 to draw a dinosaur - drawing an eye.
Using an oval shape, you can easily create the eye of your dinosaur.

2. Following the eye is the upper jaw of the dinosaur. You will extend a curved line from the eyebrow of your dinosaur and create a “C” shape for the nose. Afterwards, you’ll then create a small downward curved line beneath the eye. Then, add a dot for the nostril near the front and a curved line under the eye for detail.

Step 2 to draw a dinosaur  - drawing a face
A curved “c” shaped line becomes the upper jaw of the dino. Use simple lines to add details.

3. Now that you have the top jaw, you’ll use two slightly curved lines connected to the top of the head you just drew to create the lower jaw. After that, Use a single line to connect the upper and lower drawer and to make the mouth more visible. Thirdly, draw one more upward curved line to make the back of the jaw. Finally, add some sharp teeth.

Step 3 to draw a dinosaur - drawing the mouth
Create the lower jaw using curved lines and add in some sharp teeth.

4. After that, You are now going to create the back of the dinosaur. You’ll use this guide line for the rest of the body too. Then, starting at the top of the head, make a long line about 4 inches long. Lastly, you want this line to include a couple of bumps and ends at a point.

Step 4 to draw a dinosaur - drawing part of the body
The back of the dinosaur.

5. Once you’ve done step 4, you are going to add to the body. Firstly, you will draw a short line from the bottom jaw and use simple short lines to create the small arms of the dinosaur. Don’t forget the claws on your front legs!

Step 5 to draw a dinosaur - drawing front arms
The T. Rex didn’t have a long neck, so keep your lines shorter.

6. Then, use your guide shape to draw a curved line for the stomach. Once done with the stomach, close to the guide line you’ll want to draw the hind leg. This rear leg is made of vertically curved and straight lines. Finally, after drawing the leg, at the bottom of the leg, use three small “c” shaped lines to create the toes and add the claws.

Step 6 to draw a dinosaur - drawing the bottom part of the body
The large back leg of the t. rex gave this dino its height.

7. Finally, add the other back leg using two upside-down “L” shapes. After that, Add to “c” shaped toes, and use two simple lines to connect the stomach and hind legs to the tip of the tail of the dinosaur. Just like in previous steps, add in some extra detail lines.

Final result of a dinosaur drawing
The completed dinosaur.

At last, you have created a dinosaur. This is how to draw a dinosaur in just seven simple steps. Not to mention, you can now draw your favorite dinosaur with this fun drawing activity!

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