How to Draw a Fish is a step by step drawing tutorial that is an easy project! Learn the basics here in this easy lesson to make drawing and coloring all species of fish so fun!

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easy fish drawing
Simple Fish Drawing

Fish drawIng Tutorial Supplies

Here are a few supplies you probably already have, so gather these and let’s dive into this simple fish drawing for kids.

  • paper
  • pencil
  • colored pens and pencils

Fish Drawing Easy!

The instructions and illustrated images will have you drawing a fish from start to finish. Follow these easy steps.

  1. Fish Eye: On the left side of your paper, about halfway down, draw a circle and another circle inside of it. Color the inside circle completely. Fish Body Top Line: Start drawing in front of the eye and gently curve up and then back down.step one for how to draw a fish is the eye and back
  2. Fish Body Bottom Line: Draw the same curving line for the bottom of the fish that you drew for the top. Mirror the top line. Fish Lips: Draw 2 rounded rectangles, one on top of the other, following the curve of the bottom of the fish body. Fish Face: Starting above the eye, make a rounded diamond shape to create the face of the fish. Erase the straight line you previously drew on the bottom and leave the rounded line at the bottom of the fish face.drawing a fish next step complete the body and add the face
  3. Gills: Inside the face, draw a curving line starting near the lips and extending past the eye to draw the gills. Fins: You will draw 5 different types of fins around the outside of the body. Start on top with the Spiny Dorsal Fin: Draw 2 short lines and 6 longer lines straight up from the fish back right above the edge of the face. Draw a slanted line to connect the short lines and slanted “roof” lines to connect the longer lines. Soft Dorsal Fin: Draw 5 slanted lines behind the spiny dorsal fin. Connect the tops of the lines with a curving line starting from the spiny dorsal fin and ending after the 5th line. Caudal Fin (Tail): Draw a curved line to connect the top and bottom body lines. Draw 7 lines radiating out from the line you just drew, making the top lines longest gradually decreasing the length of the lines as you go down. Draw a heart shaped outline for the tail, connecting with the 4th line only. Anal fin: Draw a mirror version of the spiny dorsal fin and soft dorsal fin. Use 4 shorter lines for each. Pelvic Fin: Draw 3 slanted lines down directly under the spiny dorsal fin. Enclose those lines with a gently curving line.add the tail and upper low fins to the fish drawing
  4. Pectoral Fin: In line with the top and bottom fins, draw 6 lines radiating out near the bottom side line of the face. Connect those lines with a sweeping curved line.add the dorsal fin the the fish drawing easy
  5. Lateral Line: Connect the fish face to the fish tail by drawing a curved lateral line. Erase the part drawn over the pectoral fin to make the fin appear in front of the lateral line. Scales: Add little curved lines on the rest of the body to represent to draw a fish adding the scales
  6. Coloring your fish is your choice, of course! Notice here how the fish eye and lower body are yellow while the rest of the fish is green?last step for how to draw a fish is coloring

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Easy Fish Drawing Video

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