This easy guide will teach you how to draw a flower step by step! You will be so proud of your drawing.

easy flower drawing
Flower Drawing Tutorial

Learning to draw can be easy with these drawing tutorials. Next, you will want to try drawing a sunflower.  Get even more practice with all these things to draw.

How to Draw a Flower Step By Step

Flowers are very easy to draw with these step by step instructions. In no time at all, you will be making beautiful flowers.

step by step how to draw a flower
Printable Flower Drawing Guide

How to Draw a Flower Step by Step

This simple step by step tutorial will show you just what to do. This real flower is simply a series of simple shapes.

Make the shapes more exaggerated if you want to draw a cartoon flower. You might even make the center of the flower larger and add facial features for a silly cartoon.

Grab a piece of paper and let’s get started.

  • Start with a light small oval shape. This will be a guide for the shape of the flower and erased later.
  • Add a smaller oval in the lower right, just off-center inside the first oval.
  • Begin adding the first petals around the small oval. Notice how the petals follow the shape of the large oval.
  • Add small lines inside the petals coming off the small center oval.
  • Make two long curved lines at the bottom of the flower for the stem.
  • Draw a leaf shape at the bottom of the stem.
  • Draw a long line in the center of the leaf to add detail and dimension.
  • If need use an eraser to erase any of the pencil lines used for guides.

Now you are ready to create different flowers! Watch this video for more help. This is for sure how to draw flowers easy!

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more drawing guides and Creative Tutorials

With just a few easy steps you can improve your drawing skills. Give these tutorials a try.

You are ready to get started with these drawing tips! What type of flower would you like to draw next? Looking for more easy flowers to draw maybe try drawing a lily, daffodil, poppy flower or a tulip? So many blooms to choose.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfect on your first try! Relax and enjoy the process. Remind young artists there is no right or wrong way. This will help elieivate frustration and pressure.

Drawing is a fun activity that builds creativity and encourages thinking! Just like everything else practice makes perfect! Start by drawing simple things and soon you will be able to draw eyes.

Grab your a pen or pencil and get started. You might even use watercolor paints to add color to your drawing.

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