How to draw a lion step by step will teach you how to make your own fluffy king of the jungle. With a few basic art supplies listed below and these instructions, you will have fun drawing this easy lion.

colored lion how to draw a lion drawing tutorial
Try this easy How to Draw a Lion Tutorial

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Decide if you want to add color to your lion with crayons, colored chalk, colored pencils or markers then gather the suggested colors. If you use markers or sharpie pens, please put something under your paper in case the markers bleed through the paper and stain your work surface.

Supplies For Easy Lion Drawing For Kids

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How to Draw a Lion Step by Step

Follow the steps and you will be able to create this simple lion drawing. He is super cute don’t you think?

  1. Let’s start with the face and head. Begin by finding the center of your paper and with your pencil, draw the nose. Next, draw the lion’s lips by dropping a line curving to the left and a line curving to the right down from the bottom of the nose. draw nose and mouth step 1 lion drawing
  2. Continue adding facial features to the lion’s head by drawing a curving line to connect the left and right sides of the lip. Then add a short perpendicular line at each end of his mouth to create to draw a lion step 2 adding smile
  3. Encircle the lion’s nose and mouth with a circle, keeping an equal distance from his nose, mouth, and cheeks. See the picture below for reference.Step 3 Draw A Circle for the Snout
  4. Directly above the circle you just drew, draw the eyes. The wide end of the eye is up and the narrow end of the eye is down.Step 4 Draw Two Ovals Above the Snout for Eyes
  5. Proceed by adding details to his eyes. Draw 3 short eyelashes by pushing up from the top of each eye. Using your pencil, draw small circles at the bottom of each eye. Now go back and erase a small spot to highlight his pupil.How to Draw A Easy Lion Step 5 Eyelashes and Eye Color
  6. Ready to finish learning how to draw a face? Draw a gumdrop-shaped circle and add 2 sets of half circles for ears to complete this simple face drawing. Draw eyebrows above the eyelashes to give your lion face drawing more expression.Step 6 Add Head and Ears for the Lion
  7. Now you know how to draw a lion face! Add a zig-zig line all the way around the sides of the head. The lion’s mane is what sets him apart from a lioness or female face. How to Draw a Lion Step 7 add Mane and Whistkers
  8. These next steps will explain how to draw the main body step by step. Start the left leg by drawing a straight line down from the mane and add a curve for the outside of the left paw. Repeat on the right side.Step 8 Adding Body to the Easy Lion Drawing
  9. It is easy to draw lion paws now! Just add 3 curves and a straight line on the bottom to finish the left and right paws.Add Lines for Toes for the Lion Drawing
  10. Draw straight lines up from the inside of the paws to form front legs. Draw a curved line from paw to paw to make his belly. Lion drawing is easy when you take it step by step with Skip to My Lou.Next Step for Lion Drawing is Adding the Line for the Bottom of his Tummy
  11. You have almost completed your lion drawing cartoon! You will draw a curving line down from the left side to the left paw and repeat on the right side to finish the lion’s body. Match the curve of the belly to make his body shaped well.Step 11 Add Curved Side Lines for the Rest of the Lion's Body
  12. Finally, add your lion’s tail to finish how to draw a lion for kids! The tail is made with 2 curved lines coming up from the right side of the body. Complete the tail by adding a flame-shaped furry tuft. Use your crayons, colored chalk, colored pencils, or markers to color your lion sketch.
  13. If you want to draw a lioness, leave off the lion’s mane and draw the female body with slimmer features. You made it to the final step of the cartoon lion drawing tutorial. Leave us a comment to let us know if you liked this cute lion drawing.Last Step For The Easy Lion Drawing Adding The Tail

Once you have your finished line drawing color him in and you have one adorable lion cartoon drawing!

Video How to Draw a Lion Easy

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