Ever wondered how to draw a mushroom? If so, look no further because today’s mushroom drawing tutorial is all about our favorite fungus!

Here at Skip to My Lou, we love to learn about all things wild and natural, so mushrooms are welcome here! Before getting started on this cute step by step tutorial, I want to tell you about these things to draw for free!

color your easy mushroom drawing
Cute and Easy Mushroom Sketch

my favorite drawing supplies

How to Draw a Mushroom Easy!

These 6 step-by-step instructions and illustrated images will show you how to draw a simple mushroom from start to finish. All you need to do is follow the easy steps.

  1. Draw the stalk of the mushroom. To begin with, draw a curved line down and around, and back up to make a letter U shape, then connect the sides of the U with a slightly curved line.first draw stem for mushroom drawing
  2. Next, draw the underside of the mushroom cap. Draw this by making an oval shape so it will look like the cap goes behind the mushroom stem.add elliptical for bottom of the cap of the how to draw a mushroom
  3. Moving on to step three, you will draw the domed top of the mushroom head. So to do this, draw a curved line parallel to the underside of the mushroom and make the line climb up and round back down and finish parallel to the underside on the other side of the mushroom.draw top of cap for the mushroom drawing easy
  4. Add 6 dots on the mushroom cap. Three of the spots are complete circles and those are the spots on the bottom row. The spots on top are on the curve of the mushroom cap, so they look like partial circles. add small circle to cap of mushroom drawing
  5. On to step five. Drawing the vent lines (gills) under the mushroom cap will be easy. Make 15 short, straight lines as shown in the picture. And now you have completed the drawing portion of this picture! Great job! add detail to bottom of mushroom cap in this easy mushroom drawing
  6. To complete this picture, use the colors of your choice to shade the mushroom and you will have a fabulous fungus drawing! Are you ready to draw a second mushroom?color your easy mushroom drawing

Trivia: Fungus Edition-mushrooms Vs. Toadstools

Question: What is the difference between a mushroom and a toadstool?

Before I give you the answer, let’s see what mushrooms and toadstools have in common:

  • They are both fungi.
  • They both produce spores that are expelled through vents under their caps.
  • They grow in humid conditions and thrive on decaying organic matter.
  • They both have stalks (stems), vents, and caps.

So how are they different?

The unscientific answer is that mushrooms are white-capped and safe to eat, while toadstools are anywhere from inedible to downright poisonous!

What is our take-away? Just like mom told us, don’t put anything in your mouth before washing it thoroughly and letting a grown-up see it first! Unless you are a fungus forager and know exactly what you are doing, purchase your mushrooms from a grocer and leave the fungi growing in the wild alone. They make beautiful subjects for photography and painting!

Easy Mushroom Drawing Video

Recipes and Drawing Tutorials for YOu

In case you worked up an appetite while drawing your mushroom, I’ve listed 2 of my Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Recipes for you to discover. I’m so happy you stopped by today! I hope the ideas you find here boost your creativity and help you feel good!

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