You can learn how to draw a pig with this easy step by step pig drawing for kids. In 6 quick steps, you will have your own plump pink pig fit for Old McDonald’s farm!

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how to draw a pig step by step coloring
How To Draw A Pig Step By Step


This simple pig drawing only requires a few supplies. Gather these and get started!

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black marker for outlining
  • Pink crayon or marker

How To Draw A Pig Easy!

  1. Step 1 draw your pigs head. Here is how to draw a pig face. Start the pigs face with a skinny oval nose. Draw his snout like the shape of a bottle laying on its side. Make a mouth line, add a seed shaped eye and draw 2 pointed to draw a pig first step draw the face, head, ears, and eyes
  2. In step 2 you will draw the cartoon pigs body with long curving line from the ears to the to draw a pig back
  3. And in step 3 you will draw legs and the large oval body shape. So start drawing a curving line around the rump and go down to make the hoof. Draw a slanted line up from the hoof to form the bottom of the back leg and curve out to form the top of the back leg. Draw a curving line to connect the belly to the front leg and form the front leg and neck to make this pig drawing easy.How to draw a pig adding front and back leg
  4. In step 4 you will add 2 more legs and detail lines on the hoofs. So draw the front leg behind the first front leg and repeat for the back leg. And draw small straight lines to mark the top of each step in how to draw a pig adding the last two legs
  5. A curly tail will make this pig drawing simple and this is how to do it! From the middle of the rump draw 2 parallel lines that start to make a tight curl. Keep your lines parallel through the tight curl and bring the lines to a point. The tail looks like a cursive e. Use your eraser to erase the lines of the curl that are behind the first set of lines. draw the curly tail for how to draw a pig
  6. Congratulations! You have finished drawing your pig and now it is time to color it pink! Sing Old McDonald had a farm while you color! E-I-E-I Oink!!!how to draw a pig step by step coloring

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How to Draw a pig Video

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