Learn how to draw a pumpkin with this cool stem and lots of details. Drawing a realistic pumpkin like this is really easy with our step by step tutorial.

How To Draw A Pumpkin
How to Draw a Pumpkin Easy Drawing Tutorial

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Supplies For Drawing a Pumpkin

Here are a few art supplies to keep on hand for drawing.

How to Draw a Pumpkin Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. First find the center of the paper. This is where the first segment goes. With your pencil, draw a long oval that is narrower at the top than the bottom. First Step Draw A Long Skinny Oval
  2. With your pencil at the top on the right side of the segment, draw a long oval out, down, and curving back into the first segment. This segment is tucked behind the first oval segment. These segments create the pumpkin ridges.Step 2 Draw A Partial Oval On Right Side
  3. Repeat with a long oval on the left side now. You have completed the front 3 segments.Step 3 For Drawing A Pumpkin Add A Long, Skinny Oval to the Left Side
  4. Add a thinner oval to the right side. This segment is still curved, but it is tucked behind the other, so it appears smaller.Drawing A Easy Pumpkin Continue With Another Skinny Partial Oval On the Right Side
  5. This step has 3 parts: first, add a thinner oval to the left side to match the right side, second add a skinny oval to the right side and third, add a Hershey’s Kiss shaped stem to the top of your pumpkin.Add Another Skinny Oval On The Right And The Cut Vine On Top
  6. Sixth, add a skinny oval to the left side.Step For Drawing An Easy Pumpkin Adding Two More Long, Skinny, Partial Ovals to the Left Side
  7. Draw four short curving lines from the stem down the back of the pumpkin.Next Add Additional Lines For The Back Of The Pumpkin
  8. Add the final 2 lines that make the back of the pumpkin and add curved lines on the stem to show texture. Where the stem connects to the pumpkin, use curved lines to draw the edge of the stem.Step 8 For Drawing The Pumpkin Is Adding Lines to Highlight the Stem
  9. Draw short angled downward strokes on the 4 right hand segments.Next Step Add Some Short Lines On the Right Side Lines Of The Ovals For Shadding
  10. Finally, the center segment gets 5 bursts of downward strokes for texture. The remaining segments get short angled strokes. Notice how the segments on the back get texture lines at the top. Then add long texture lines curving up from the bottom of the pumpkin to make it look round. Grab your markers if you want to give your pumpkin orange color.
Last Step For Drawing A Pumpkin Easy Is Adding Several Rows And Columms Of Short Lines to the Middle Oval For Shading

There is so much more you could do with your pumpkin sketch. How about adding leaves and vines?

Easy Pumpkin Step By Step Drawing Video

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