Learn how to draw a rose with these step by step instructions. With just a few strokes you will be drawing beautiful roses! This easy to follow rose tutorial makes it perfect for beginners and even kids!

After you have tried your hand at learning how to draw a rose flower, try one of these other things to draw. We have some great drawing tutorials for every skill level! If you like the rose tutorial, you might also like this easy flower drawing.

rose drawing

How to Draw a Rose

Print of this guide and keep it handy while you work on your rose drawing step by step. This is perfect for beginners! You wouldn’t know it by looking at the final result, but this rose consists of just a few repeated shapes–making this step by step rose drawing easy!

Download How to Draw Rose

step by step drawing of how to draw a rose

Rose Drawing EASY Step by Step Tutorial

  • Start by drawing an oval shape, shown in step 1.
  • Now draw a small oval around the beginning oval, making the bottom of the second oval even with the first. See step 2.
  • Next, draw an oval around these, as in step 3.
  • Draw another oval around the tiny shape, keeping the bottoms of the ovals even. Can you see how it’s starting to resemble the center of the rose petals?
  • Continue making ovals until you’ve built up the center of the rose.
  • In Step 7, you’ll draw a curved line down from the outer oval on the left side.
  • Now repeat that gentle curve on the other side.
  • Following the drawing guide and video below, continue drawing the rose’s outer petals.
  • With step 19, you are ready to add other parts of the rose, starting with the leaves.
  • Add a line down the center of each leaf.
  • If you would like a rose with a stem, add two lines at the bottom of the rose.

Watch this video and you will see learning how to draw a rose step by step easy. It is like taking drawing lessons!  This realistic rose can be sketched with pencils. Finish the rose with leaves and stem if you like.

TipS for Rose Drawing

After you work through the tutorial, you’ll have a whole bouquet of colorful, realistic looking roses in no time! All it takes is a little patience.

For the best results, sketch with a light hand at first. I recommend using a pencil, and going over the lines you are happiest with at the end to make them darker if you wish.

Have fun with your drawings, and don’t stress too much about making your shapes exactly like the ones in the tutorial. Remember, every flower is different – and they are all perfectly beautiful.

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Rose Color Meanings

When you’re finished sketching your rose, use colored pencils to color it in an expressive way. Did you know that different colored roses have different meanings? There is a wide range of opinions, with many traditional interpretations of flower colors, but here are a few ideas to help you decide how to color your rose:

  • Red – love
  • Burgundy – beauty
  • White – marriage
  • Dark Pink – appreciation
  • Yellow – friendship
  • Pink – grace & elegance
  • Peach – gratitude
  • Orange – enthusiasm
  • Salmon – desire (while salmon isn’t usually one of my favorite colors, I think it is one of the prettiest colors for roses)
  • Ivory – thoughtfulness
  • Purple – enchantment

Roses are usually associated with romantic love, weddings, and Valentine’s Day, but they also make wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day or anytime you want to brighten someone’s day. Roses can symbolize affection, gratitude, and peaceful thoughts.

A drawing of a rose is sure to delight someone special. How about creating a handmade card with your own drawing of a rose on the front?

More Drawing Tutorials

Let me know if you found this tutorial helpful. What are some other things you would like to draw? How about trying a sunflower next!

Easy Sunflower Drawing

colored sunflower drawing

If you want to draw more, we have something for everyone! Try these simple and fun tutorials: Animals are another fun subject for aspiring artists of all ages to try.

Have fun with your drawings! Art is not only a creative outlet, it’s a natural stress reliever.

And it’s never too early, or too late, to give it a try. Drawing tutorials are perfect for school-age children and adults alike. In fact, drawing together is a fun way to have some quiet family time while making something beautiful.

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  2. So happy this tutorial is encouraging everyone to break out a sketchbook!

  3. You make it look so effortless! I always love drawing flowers and loved adding this to my drawing knowledge.

  4. Wow! You make the look so effortless and easy! I will need some practice, but I’m so happy I know how to do this for myself now!

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  9. I was just wondering how to print out the guide of drawing roses. When I go to “Control P” it brings up a side box that blocks the directions. Is there another way that I am not seeing?
    I do not know how to draw and your directions look so simple. I really want to give it a try. But not sitting at my computer is conducive to me.

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