How to draw a shark step by step will teach you how to make your own Great White Shark drawing in 4 easy steps! With basic supplies and a few minutes, you will be able to draw a realistic shark.

Check out more things to draw and if you love the ocean these sea animal doodles are super cute. I love to draw animals, color, and create! What projects would you like to learn how to draw?

A realistic shark drawn and colored following the instructions on how to draw a shark.
How to Draw a Shark For Kids

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  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black marker or crayon to outline everything
  • Gray marker or crayon

How to Draw a Shark Easy

  1. Find the middle of the paper and with your pencil draw a curved line up from the tip of his snout to the beginning of his dorsal fin. Draw a leaning triangle shape for his dorsal fin and gently slope down before drawing a tall triangle for the top of his tail (caudal fin.) Complete his tail (caudal fin) with a smaller triangle pointing toward the bottom corner of your paper.Frist step how to draw a shark step by step
  2. In the second step you will add 2 more fins and several detail lines to make shark drawing easy. Starting at the snout, curve down and slope up to meet the tail. Draw a small, leaning triangle along the line, centered under the eye. Erase the line to open the mouth and add 3 small triangle-shaped teeth on the upper jaw. Because sharks have extremely sharp teeth, make sure those triangles are very pointed! The next line you will draw is the lateral line which runs from the snout up to the eye then slopes down until you reach the pectoral fin. Draw the pectoral fin with a slanting triangle going down and back up. Erase the bottom line of the shark so the pectoral fin is in front. Continue drawing the lateral line halfway to the tail. Drop a small pointed triangle down for the pelvic fin. Go back and add 4 gills by first erasing part of the lateral line just before the pectoral fin and adding 4 closed parenthesis marks. Finally, add the shark’s eye and eyebrow above the lateral line centered over the mouth. how to draw a shark easy adding face details
  3. Before you finish with your shark sketch and make it a realistic shark drawing you must add fins. So add a small back slanted triangle near the tail. This is the 2nd dorsal fin. Underneath the 2nd dorsal fin, add another small back slanting triangle for the anal fin. Add the 2nd pelvic fin slightly showing in front of the existing pelvic fin and you will have a finished drawing when you add the 2nd pectoral fin hanging down in front of the first one. outline of shark how to draw
  4. Let’s make your shark easy drawing into a ready to hang shark art print! Use your colors and black marker to turn this art project into a piece of wall art! If you are curious about how to draw a different species of shark (a bull shark or a whale shark) the techniques you used here will make drawing those easy, too!final step how to draw a shark coloring

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Video Simple Shark Drawing For Kids

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