Learn how to draw a snake with these easy steps. Kids of all ages can follow this step-by-step guide to create their own scary snake. With some basic art supplies and this drawing tutorial, keep your children busy while they improve their fine drawing skills. They’ll soon be able to make their own fun snake drawing in a few simple steps.

Try this easy step-by-step How to draw a Snake tutorial

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Easy snake drawing

While snake has a negative reputation, they are actually cool animals.

If you’re looking for easy and fun drawing projects, simple snake drawings are a good idea. This quick tutorial with detailed instructions shows you how to make your own cute snake. Use these visual guides to start, and then add your own colors later to show your style. You’ll improve your drawing skills in no time.


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Follow these easy and fun steps, and you will be able to draw a cartoon snake of your own.

  1. In this first step, let’s draw a simple outline in pencil. Begin by making a small circle with an oval shape near the top left of your page for the head. To draw the body of the snake, make a large curved line in the shape of the letter C, going down from the back of the snake’s head. Continue this initial line with a letter-M shape that flows to the right of the page. To complete the snake’s body, draw another similar long line that follows the first, starting at the head. Make the body more narrow as you get closer to the tail.
Let’s begin drawing a snake with some basic lines!

2. Next, draw a smooth line to show the snake’s underside. This line is about half of the body of the snake. Start at the head, and draw a line in the middle of the body until you reach the bottom line. To form the snake’s belly, add another smooth short line near the M shape, as shown in the image reference. Then, draw a small oval-shaped tail with four short lines to make rings.

We added a scary tail for our snake now!

3. In the previous step, we finished drawing the basic shape of a snake. The next step is adding some facial features to the head of the snake. Just above the center of the snake’s head, draw a line with a slight flick on the left to create an eyebrow. Underneath, draw an oval with another filled-in oval to make the snake’s eyes. Your snake needs to breathe, so add some nostrils – two little dots to the left of the head. Underneath, draw a mouth, a line from the left to just below the center of the head.

In this step, we learn how to draw a snake’s head.

4. To make a more realistic snake, draw some scale patterns – many horizontal lines on the snake’s underside and belly. After that, add a forked tongue in the opposite direction. Draw two lines that curve slightly down from the mouth, with a split at the end.

Let’s add a scary snake tongue and some scale patterns to our snake.

5. Once you’ve finished your pencil drawing, trace your lines with a thick marker pen so you can easily see your snake. Now your snake stands out! Are you scared yet?

Let’s thicken our snake with a marker for this step.

6. To finish this snake drawing lesson, color your snake. Choose a darker green color for the body and a lighter color for the snake scales and tail. Color the tongue red.

Finally, we colored our snake green. How does it look?

The hardest part now is choosing what types of snakes to draw next. There are many species of snakes – you could choose to draw a long python, a deadly sea snake, or even the formidable king cobra.

Now you have your finished green snake. Show it to your friends. Does it make them scared? Leave us a comment to let us know.


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