How to draw a snowman is your step by step drawing instruction guide! With a few supplies and 10 minutes, your paper will go from Yikes to Wow in 5 easy steps!

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how to draw a snowman step by step guide

How to draw a snowman easy: Supplies

You probably already have all these supplies for how to draw a cute snowman!

  • paper
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • colored pens and pencils

How to Draw a Snowman in 5 Steps!

The instructions and illustrated images will show you how to draw a snowman from start to finish. All you need to do is follow the easy steps.

  1. Draw 2 rounded marshmallow shapes in the middle of your paper. You now have a snowman head and a snowman tummy!
  2. Sketch a thin rectangle on the right side of his head then add a square sitting on top of this rectangle. Erase the corner of your snowman’s head so the hat will appear to sit on his head.
  3. In step three you will add 2 stick arms coming out from the sides of his belly. Start by drawing each arm made of 2 parallel lines that branch out into fingers at the end of his hands. To make the arm on the right appear in front of his body, erase the small line behind the arm.
  4. Step four adds his carrot nose and scarf. Start in the middle of his face and draw a curved line to form the top of his nose and draw another curved line underneath to form the bottom of his nose. Attach the nose to his face by drawing one last curved line to connect the top and bottom lines. To draw the scarf, add a parallel line under the line between his head and belly. Drop a rectangular shape on the left side and add a zig-zag line at the bottom to represent the bottom edge of the scarf.
  5. To complete your snowman, you will draw his eyes, cheeks, mouth, the star designs on his scarf and his buttons! Oval eyes can be drawn two ways. One easy way is to draw 2 fat moon shapes for eyes, just like the moons in Lucky Charms! The other way to draw his eyes is to draw 2 oval shapes and erase a small dot from the top right side of each eye. Continue by drawing cheeks with 2 flattened ovals. His half smile is made with a curved line topped with a tiny curved line. His buttons are 2 circles. And before you add the colors, draw 8 pointed stars (or whatever design you like) on his scarf! Now you are ready to color!

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Snowman Crafts and Activities

Congratulations, you have learned to draw a cute snowman and now try one of these crafts. They are easy to make and fun to do. Remember to check back to find more fun things to draw step by step here at Skip to My Lou!

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