A Pine tree, oak tree, and palm tree are some of the most iconic trees, and there are so many types of trees it may be hard to pick just one. If you are looking to create a drawing of a tree, then this how to draw a tree guide may be perfect for you. Create a beautiful tree in just a few easy steps. Not to mention, you don’t need any drawing skills, just some simple lines and basic techniques.

Finished tree drawing from skip to my lou
Try this tree drawing.

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This simple tutorial gives you all everything you need to draw an outline of a tree and allows you to color the tree however you wish!

Supplies For Realistic basketball Drawing 

Before even starting, the first step is the have the right supplies needed to draw! Undoubtedly, having the right art supplies available makes drawing easy and enjoyable. Below you’ll find some of my favorites!

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How to Draw a TREE Step-By-Step Guide

To create a simple tree drawing, you don’t need a lot. In reality, all you need is a piece of paper, colored pencils, or markers, and the ability to want to draw a tree. Whether you want to make it look like a cartoon tree or a real tree, this step-by-step guide on how to draw a tree will help you turn some simple shapes into realistic trees or cartoons.

  1. Starting at the bottom of the sheet of paper. Draw two small curved lines for the base of the tree. After that, connect each curved line to vertical lines that meet at a point about halfway up the white space on the paper.
Step 1 to draw a tree. Tutorial from Skip to my lou
Two simple lines help form the trunk of a tree.

2. Before coloring the trunk of the tree and its branches brown. You want to add a tree branch on each side near the middle of the tree trunk and then add tree branches at the top of the tree and on each side of the trunk. The branches should be straight lines. At the base of the tree, add small squiggles to connect the two lines drawn in the previous step. These are the roots of the tree.

Step 2 to draw a tree. Tutorial from Skip to my lou
A tree trunk with larger branches.

3. In addition to the branches you just drew in step 2. Make sure to draw branches using shorter lines coming from each of the larger branches of the tree. At this time, using a sideways “c” shape, draw the initial layers of the tree leaves at the end of the large and small branches.

Step 3 to draw a tree. Tutorial from Skip to my lou
A curved line can add a lot of detail.

4. In the same fashion as the lines you just drew for the leaves, outline the branches drawing and roots in black marker. In order to fill in the back of the tree, draw lines in a small shape like a “c” between the large and smaller branches near the tree trunk.

Then it’s time to add some details. Use the same “c” shape and create leaf areas in the front of the tree. Basically, try having them go in different directions to show a variety of different angles of leaves. Depending on your desired effect, you can add as many sections or as few as you want.

Step 4 to draw a tree. Tutorial from Skip to my lou
Use a black marker to make the lines pop.

5. Finally, the last step is to add green color to the leaves. Generally, you’ll want to use a lighter green on the front parts of the tree and a darker tone on the shadowed side or back of the tree. You can add any final details you want here, like some clouds, a sun, or birds flying around.

Finished tree drawing from skip to my lou
A little green, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful tree!

After all, determining how to draw a tree is not as difficult as you might think. As a matter of fact, it’s just some basic shapes, a simple step (or six), and some drawing supplies. Your tree can become a family tree to track relatives or a Christmas tree for your next holiday card. Whichever you choose, it will be great!

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