Learn how to draw a turkey in 6 easy steps. This cute turkey cartoon drawing can be added to invitations, decorations, and even placemats to help you celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a simple turkey drawing tutorial that the whole family will love to draw and includes a free Thanksgiving turkey drawing printable!

Turkey Drawing Instructions

how to draw a turkey printable step by step guide
How to Draw a Turkey Easy Lesson PDF File

If your kids and guests need an activity to keep them busy while the Holiday dinner cooks, this cute turkey drawing is perfect.  After you have drawn this easy turkey drawing you will want to check out more things to draw, including a beautiful rose and cute unicorn!

How to draw a turkey for Beginners

Grab a piece of paper and follow these step-by-step instructions and you will learn how to draw a cartoon turkey before you even start your Thanksgiving dinner. Download and print the steps on plain copy paper. Set these sheets along with plain paper (or cover the table in white butcher paper) and colored pencils and the kids will have a great time!

  1. Start with a big circle for the turkey body
  2. Add a skinny neck, continue by drawing a small circle to make the turkey’s head,  then add a hat and beak.
  3. Put in an eyeball and give him a wing.
  4. Add tail feathers
  5. Next, add legs and turkey feet.
  6. Give him some color and you are done.

my favorite drawing supplies

Thanksgiving Activities

I hope the activities provide fun ways to keep kids and adults busy at your gatherings.  If you are looking for more ideas for family check these out.

Have fun this holiday with these activities!

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  1. Thank you eversomuch. I love all your printable and activities. I always host Thanksgiving and Christmas for my daughter & son-in-law with their 5 children ages ranging from 18-3 years old. I use all your coloring pages, games & everything. They love them and we have a blast. I am an old Grams of 65 so you are a life saver.Again, thank you so very much. PS. Your stuff is so easy to follow and print. God’s blessing to you.

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