Try this How to Draw a Turtle quick and easy step by step tutorial if you love to draw animals! This drawing is for all ages and can be completed with basic supplies and 10 minutes! By the way, World Turtle Day is May 23rd!

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cute colored turtle
Simple Turtle Drawing

cute turtle drawIng Supplies

Nothing to be afraid of here, come out of your shell, round up these supplies, and let’s get started on this turtle step by step drawing.

  • paper
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • colored pens and pencils or markers
  • ruler

How to Draw a Turtle Easy!

The instructions and illustrated images make turtle drawing easy, so take a deep breath and pick up that pencil!

  1. On the left side of you paper, draw the head using an oval shape with a slanted right side. Draw and color a circle to represent the eye. Erase the very center of the circle. Draw a curved line in from the lower left side of the head to represent the mouth.First step in how to draw a turtle is the head, mouth and eye
  2. Draw the top of the shell by drawing a half circle going from the neck of the turtle, arching up and then going back down. Create the bottom of this part of the shell by drawing 3 straight lines as shown in the illustration. Draw another set of lines parallel to those lines to create the rim of the shell. You may use your ruler or free-hand these lines.draw the shell for the simple turtle drawing
  3. Draw a small upside down half circle at the top of the shell, centered in the middle of the dome. Drop 4 straight lines from the half circle to the rim. You may use your ruler or free-hand the lines. The 1st and 3rd lines should connect with the intersection of the lines. See below.On this turtle drawing easy next draw sections on the shell
  4. Lightly sketch a half circle starting at the bottom of the turtle neck and ending at the edge of the rim. Add a triangle shaped tail directly under the shell. Add 3 rounded rectangular shaped legs as shown. Erase the lines going through the legs. ( If you wanted to make this a sea turtle drawing, you would make the legs and feet like flippers!)Next add the belly and legs to the cute turtle drawing
  5. Draw 3 toes on at the bottom of each rounded leg. The toes are shaped like little connected hills.Draw the toes on the turtle drawing
  6. Color the turtle as shown below or choose the colors you like! This is your drawing!last step color your turtle drawing

my favorite drawing supplies

Easy Turtle Drawing Video

interesting facts about turtles

  • All tortoises are turtles, but not all turtles are tortoises! What?
  • Tortoises are turtles who spend most of their time on land eating grasses and bushes.
  • Tortoises have thicker, more domed shells and heavier legs to support their massive shells.
  • Turtles have thinner, more streamlined shells designed to move through the water.
  • Turtles have flipper like feet at the end of their legs for swimming.
  • Terrapins are turtles who spend time is swampy water and on land, too.
  • The University of Maryland has a terrapin for a mascot whose name is Testudo!
  • Turtles, tortoises and terrapins star in cartoons, books, movies and video games, too! There’s Cecil the Turtle from Looney Tunes, Tortoise from Tortoise and the Hare, Grand Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda, and Bowser from Super Mario Brothers, just to scratch the surface. In the comments below, add more names!

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