How to Draw an Apple is my newest tutorial featuring the amazing apple! You know the health benefits gained by eating apples daily and now you can enhance your artistic skills with this apple illustration!

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color apple red and leaf green to the apple drawing easy
Apple Drawing

DrawIng Supplies

Pick your drawing tools and let’s get busy!

  • drawing paper
  • graphite pencil
  • eraser
  • sketch pens, colored pencils or markers

How to Draw an Apple Easy

This simple apple drawing can be made following my step-by-step instructions. Drawing guides will show you how to draw a realistic apple from start to finish. All you need to do is follow the easy steps.

  1. Before we begin, we will be sketching an apple that is larger at the top than the bottom, like a Red Delicious! With that in mind, on the left draw a gently curving line that indents in the middle, comes back up and rounds down at an angle. At the bottom of the right side of the apple, indent up and back down, then round up to form the left side of the apple.outer outline of apple first step for apple drawing
  2. Add details to the outline in step two by drawing a rectangular shaped stem angled to the right. Then place a line under the stem to show the contour of the top of the apple. draw stem for the apple drawing
  3. In step three, add the apple leaf near the top of the stem. Notice each side of the leaf is slightly different from the other. Add a center ridge and 4 sets of veins on the leaf. Finally, add a circle on the left side. This will be left white and represents the light source coming from the left and hitting the apple. Before moving to step four, erase the line that goes through the apple stem.add leaf on your how to draw an apple
  4. To complete this picture, take a black sketch pen and outline everything before adding color. Then pick up your colors and use your shading skills by shading lightly those parts of the apple that are closest and going darker with the parts that are farther away. Don’t forget the leaf and stem, too!

Easy Apple Drawing Video

This is a perfect video tutorial for beginners from kids to adults! Just a few simple steps to create a masterpiece.

my favorite drawing supplies

Lots and Lots of Apples!

I don’t know about you, but I’m craving them. So before you go, here are 5 posts bursting with All Things Apple! Let me know in the comments which one you liked best!

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