How to draw an owl is my newest step-by-step tutorial for anyone who loves to draw cute creatures, especially those who appear at night! This tutorial includes a printable owl drawing guide which will come in quite handy because you will want to draw this guy more than once!

cartoon great horned owl drawing with polka dots on its belly
Owl Drawing

Don’t miss all the fun things to draw on Skip to my Lou! You will find loads of easy drawing tutorials. To complete this easy owl drawing, add this Moon drawing for detail!

What You’ll Need

A quick flyover will let you know what you need to complete this drawing. (Coloring is optional, so I’ve suggested some things I like to use when coloring my drawings.)

Different sized circular objects to trace to make drawing circles easy will also be helpful.

Step-By-Step Instructions Here To Learn How to Draw an Owl

The instructions and illustrated images will show you how to create this cute owl drawing from start to finish. All you need to do is follow the easy steps. Have fun drawing and coloring this adorable cartoon owl!

  1. Draw the outline of the face, including the horns. (The horns are actually tufts of feathers; they are not real horns.) The outline of the face looks kind of like an upside-down teacup if that helps you see how to draw it. The horns or tufts are drawn with oval shapes and make the inside of the horn with a curved line that is rounded at the bottom.draw owl head
  2. Add the owl’s eyes and owl’s beak in this step. Use large circles to make the outline of the eyes. Draw 2 sets of smaller circles and then a very small circle in the middle for the pupils. Notice how the largest circles touch at the middle of the face. Draw the beak centered below the eyes. So, make 2 short straight lines angling down and meeting at a point for the beak.add owl eyes
  3. Add the forehead detail by drawing 2 slightly curving line starting by the horns and ending at the eyes, as shown. Draw the owl’s body below the owl’s head. Make a large letter U shape that curves in slightly at the top to make the body.add owl body
  4. Add plumage to the owl’s chest by drawing a five-lobed crest pointing downward.add owl neck feathers
  5. Doodle the feathers on the owl’s belly by drawing or tracing small circles all around. add details to body
  6. Draw wings by making a rounded oval starting at the owl’s face and extending down the owl’s body. add body details
  7. Add the three-toed feet at the bottom of the body. Congratulations! You finished drawing this owl tutorial! This owl looks most like the Great Horned Owl. If you want to draw a Barn Owl, simply make the face heart-shaped and leave off the horns! A Snow Owl can be made by drawing a rounded head instead of heart-shaped. add owl feet

Printable Step by Step Drawing Guide

printable step by step owl drawing guide

Fun Facts About Owls

You may have heard about the wise old owl who sits in the tree, but do you know whooooo created this idea?

The ancient Greeks did! The owl became synonymous with wisdom in Greek mythology because Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy, was often depicted with an owl at her side.

Animal scientists have not solved the mystery of whether owls are actually wise birds. While owls are excellent predators and have adapted very well to changes in their habitats, the jury is still out about how wise they really are. So, owls are probably just really good at being owls!

Did You Know?

In some European countries, it is considered good luck if Barn Owls roost in your barn! Why, you ask? Well, because the presence of Barn Owls indicates the presence of rodents and owls are better to have living in your barn than rodents, right?

And, in Japan, owls are often seen as lucky or bringing favor.

Finally,in some Middle Eastern countries, owls are seen as guardians of the afterlife.

Whooo Rocks? Youuu Do!

Thank you for trying my owl drawing tutorial today! I think it is perfect for kids, beginners and even more advanced artists who can add realistic details to create Great Horned Owls or Snowy Owls from this lesson. So, let me know in the comments what other drawing lessons you would like to see here!

Before You Go

Wait, there’s more! I’ve got 3D paper owls, a screen print for a t-shirt and an adorable Baby Owl Halloween costume for you to check out!

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