Learn how to draw The Grinch from the classic 1966 movie The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, by Dr. Seuss. In this delightful holiday step-by-step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw the Grinch’s face before you know it!

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how to draw the Grinch
Easy Grinch Drawing

Supplies For Easy Grinch Drawing

It only takes a few supplies to draw and color The Grinch! You could make a set of Grinch ornaments by drawing the Grinch smile, the Santa Hat, and the Grinch face on clear ornaments this year!

How to Draw the Grinch Step By Step

  1. Before you start, listen to the song, You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch to get in the mood for drawing this very naughty dude. And begin by drawing his nasty, wasty small, black mushroom nose in the center of your paper. Next, come his greedy-seedy eyes with black drops and white specks. Ew!how to draw the Grinch eyes and nose
  2. For his termite-filled smile, draw a wide W-shaped mouth and top it off with 2 small curved lines like sad faces.draw the Grinch smile
  3. His slippery eel eyebrows and cactus needle eyelashes are next. So add downward sloping eyebrows to show anger and 3 lashes at the top of each eye to show his evil plans.draw the Grinch face
  4. His little pointed head is hidden under Santa’s hat. So in this step, draw the sides of his head and then draw a scalloped hat band and a rounded triangle to start his hat. But you are not finished yet, draw a sideways ice cream cone shape and a fluffy ball shape to complete the hat. add the hat to the Grinch drawing
  5. Have you ever hugged a cactus? The Grinch is as cuddly as a cactus, so maybe that’s why he has a skinny, pointed neck? Draw that chicken neck next.how to draw the Grinch face and neck
  6. All the nice scalloped collars and soft red velvet coats can’t hide his empty heart and garlicky soul. So finish this step by adding a collar and 2 lines for his coat and you’re done!the Grinch outline
  7. Use your colors to bring your Grinch drawing to life! Remember, never give him your personal information and read the book or watch the movie to learn how the Grinch stole Christmas! how to draw the Grinch

Video Of How to Draw the Grinch

Have you ever tried to draw The Grinch Fingers holding one red ornament? Have you made your own Grinch Face or Grinch Finger Christmas ornaments? These ornaments would be fun gifts! You can also draw both of those images on Christmas Cards for charming handmade giving!

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