I am so excited to finally figure out that I can hang a wreath on a storm door! Last week I hosted a few friends for viewing a wonderful webcast , Lowe’s Holiday Ready Home Live Webcast. We learned great tips and beautiful decorating ideas for getting our homes holiday ready. You will want to check it out! I was so inspired and am ready to get started!

Planning is key ! Now is a great time to start planning, organizing, gathering and making items! First on my list is my front porch and entryway. Up until now I have struggled with how to make my front doors look festive. I have always wanted wreaths, but with storm doors that has not seemed possible…..until now! I am beyond excited to share the most clever item, the magnetic wreath hanger.
Attract Magnetic Wreath Hangers


This thing is AMAZING. It really works! I hate to sound like an infomercial but it can hold up to 1o pounds (that would be one hefty wreath), and works indoors and out! You get two magnets. Use both magnets, back to back on single-pane glass to hang your wreath.

Magnetic Wreath Holder

Now that I have the perfect way to hang my wreath, how about a little  wreath shopping! Lowe’s has so many beautiful choices!

Holiday Wreaths

I love this one with battery operated lights. No cords and it hangs beautifully with my new magnets.

how to hang wreath on storm door


Do you love holiday wreaths? Check out these DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas.

I can’t wait to share more tips! I have some great ideas for hosting guests during the holidays!  Don’t  miss Lowe’s Holiday Ready Home Live Webcast. You will find so many clever and beautiful ideas!

Thanks  Lowe’s for a fun evening with my friends! For more Holiday Ready Home ideas, visit Lowe’s

You can also follow  Lowe’s on Facebook for more great ideas and sign up for their FREE Creative Ideas Magazine with loads of great DIY  ideas.



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  1. Unfortunately, this will not work on double pane storm doors. Mine worked great on my old single pane storm door, even though the glass was quite thick.

  2. This is great advice! You are going to save people so much time in trial and error! Thank you! : )

  3. I’ve had one of these on my door for years! Yes it should work on thicker glass- I have an old door and it works beautifully. Clean your windows first!

  4. Our front door has thick beveled glass…do you think it would work with the thicker pane???

  5. Oh my gosh, this opens a whole new world to me! I am going right now to get a magnetic wreath holder.

  6. I am totally thrilled that you shared this! I am off to hang things on my door for the first time in year. Have a great Halloween Cindy!

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