I am thrilled to share the cutest little project from Calli at Make It Do blog, a felt poinsettia hair clip.  I am hoping to make one of these today for my daughter to wear on Christmas Eve.

Be sure to visit Make It Do, her blog is overflowing with creative ideas. Calli says, “In this blog I want to explore how happiness can come from simple things, and how good old fashioned hard work and resourcefulness might just be making a welcome comeback….”

Calli writes

Yesterday, my girls and I were working on a few Christmas gifts for their friends.  One thing led to another and I found myself making yet another flower pin.  This time a Poinsettia.  I loved this project and ended up making two for my girls, and plan on making more.  They are perfect as a broach or as a hair clip.

Felt flower hair clip

Here’s what you will need:

  • Small amount of red wool felt (I used scraps from another project.)
  • Very small amount of green wool felt (also scraps)
  • button
  • pin or hair clip
  • freezer paper
  • template  here is my simple template, but I also found this wonderful template from Kaboose.  It has a few more petals than my simple flowers, but that might look even better, here’s the link: Kaboose Poinsettia Template

Plastic coated freezer paper to draw large and small flower templates on.

1.  Start by tracing your pattern onto the paper side of a piece of freezer paper.

Place cut-out of flower templates on wool with the waxy/shiny side down.

2.  Cut out your template, and place it on your wool, waxy/shiny side down.

Set clothing iron on wool and press the template to the wool, the template will be a bit sticky.

3.  Using an iron set to wool, iron on the templates.  It will gently stick to your fabric.

Using good scissors cut wool fabric around each template.

4.  Using good scissors, cut out around the template.

Peel templates away from wool fabric.

5.  Peel the template away from the wool.  It doesn’t leave a mark.  Isn’t that cool?

A small and large flower, with a button resting on the small flower to see how it looks.

6.  Repeat with the smaller flower.  I just set the button down to see how it would look.

For the back of the flower cut a 1 1/4 inch circle out of red or green felt with two small slits large enough to slide a hair clip through.

7.  Cut a 1 1/4 inch circle out of red or green felt.  Cut two small slits in the circle, just wide enough to slip a hair clip through.  This is for the back of the flower, on which to attach the clip or pin.

Sew the felt circle with slits to the back of the large flower.

8.  Using just the bottom flower, stitch the circle around the back of the flower.  I used white thread to show the stitching better in the photo… Yah, that was it.  It wasn’t because my machine was already threaded with white and I was lazy.  That wasn’t the reason at all.  I was just thinking of you.

9.  Somehow I missed taking a picture of cutting out the green center of the flower.  I cut my green with a fluted edge, which was a little tricky and requires good scissors.  You can also cut it in a circle, but in that case, I would choose a button with a fluted edge.  I was dying to try pinking scissors, but I don’t own any.  So I just cut the fluted edge out carefully.  Sometimes you just need to make it do.  The finished green center was a 7/8 inch circle fluted.

Cut out a green felt circle that is sewn to the small flower behind to accent the button.

10.  Layer just the smaller top flower, with green center and button on top.  And stitch together going through all three layers.

Hot glue the flower with the button on top of the large flower.

11.  Glue the bottom and top flowers together using hot glue.

Place a hair clip through the slits on the back of the flowers.  Viola the flower hair clip is complete.

There’s a front and back view, with a hair clip attached.  I like that this flower is flexible, I can easily pull out the hair clip and I can slip in a broach pin to wear on a sweater, hat or scarf.

For fun wear the flower as a brooch.

Here it is pinned on a sweater…

These flowers are dual use and can be used for decorating presents and the worn to make any outfit fun.

Thanks to an idea a reader told me about on Craftzine, I also thought this would make a perfect topper for a gift.  That way the wrapping is actually like giving another gift.  (Using cheap yarn is much, much cheaper than ribbon!)

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  1. My girls and I are planning a crafting afternoon (with wine hehe) and we totally want to make cute flower hairclips! Thanks soo much for the easy tutorial and the idea with that freezer paper, we’ll probably make something similar to this! Did you say you bought the actual clips at Walmart???

  2. I linked to this on my weekly roundup (post is under my name) – AND I included a picture of the one I made Christmas morning. Mass was cancelled because the priest couldn’t get here, and I wanted something to match my little one’s Christmas dress. All I had was an alligator clip kind of barrette (that goes poing!) so that’s what I used, and I made a little stem to cover it. I didn’t have green felt upstairs, of course, so I used red but it turned out fine. :>) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Also to help Claudia, I buy mine at Walmart. They come in a pack of 12 for $1.50. Can’t beat a price like that

  4. Very great idea! They are so cute. Just a tip on the freezer paper. You can trace the flower onto the freezer paper, but cut around the shape, don’t cut it out exactly. Then, iron to your felt. Then cut the shape out on the lines. It makes a crisp clean cut, and saves you time because you don’t have to cut the complete shape out twice. Hope this helps, I use freezer paper for so many projects. Thanks again for the cute idea. I love your blog! Merry Christmas 🙂

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