Learn how to make a fortune teller to predict your friend’s future. Sometimes they are called cootie catchers.  It is super easy with this free printable. Paperfortune tellers are fun little game to make predictions. It is kinda like a paper version of the 8 ball. You can ask the same silly questions.

Fortune tellers are a fun way to keep kids busy. You might also like these boredom busters.

fortune teller

The outside of the fortune teller has a color. Someone picks a color and the origami fortune teller it is opened and closed back and forth a number of times spelling out the letters of the color. Then a number is picked and again it is set into motion, opening and closing the fortune teller for chosen number of times.. After picking the final number open the flap and see what the future holds.how to make a fortune teller

How to make a fortune teller

Download and print on a regular piece paper. No need for special origami paper with this free printable. Cut out the square sheet and color. From one sheet of paper you can make this cute game!

printable fortune teller

printable fortune teller


Use the following step by step guide to learn how to fold a fortune teller. Fold the paper and crease the folds along the dotted lines. Bring the corners to the center to meet in the middle, making a smaller square. Flip the square over and fold each point to meet in the middle on the opposite side of the fortune teller. Fold this square in half. This should create four small spaces to slide your thumbs and forefingers into.

printable fortune teller instructions

how to make a fortune teller instructions

Here is how to play!

  1. Ask your friend to ask a yes or no question about the future.
  2. Have your friend choose a color.  Spell out the color as you move the fortune teller alternating a pinching and pulling motion for each letter.
  3. Ask your friend to pick one of the  exposed numbers, count out the number they chose moving the fortune teller with each count.
  4. Once the number has been counted, four numbers will be exposed. Have your friend pick a number. Read their fortune under that number.

More Fortune Tellers

They can also revel activities rather than predictions. How about using them for a fun way to assign chores/activities or a clever way to keep kids busy at a wedding.

paper fortune teller

Now you know how to make a fortune teller out of paper–even if you call it a  cootie catcher you are ready for fun!

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year in review coloring page

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