Keeping the kids entertained and having a good time at a wedding can be challenging.  Learn how to make a paper fortune teller for a fun kids wedding activity.  This printable paper fortune teller is full of activities to keep the kids busy and having fun! The best part is the activities get them interacting with the wedding party and guests. They are sure to feel a part of the celebration!

How to make a Paper Fortune Teller {Kids Wedding Activity}

Print the paper fortune teller paper

paper fortune teller wedding theme

Download the file and print on regular copy paper.  There are three files, a wedding themed fortune teller, a blank version and the folding instructions.

Wedding Paper Fortune Teller

The wedding paper fortune teller has a list of kids wedding activities to keep the busy.

  • ask someone in the wedding party to dance
  • say hello to someone wearing pink
  • eat an extra piece of cake
  • take a photo with a friend
  • take a selfie with the bride & groom
  • draw a doodle of the bride & groom
  • tell three people to have a nice day
  • find the couple that has been married the longest

{printable wedding fortune teller}

Blank Wedding Paper Fortune Teller

This one you can make your own list of activities tailored to you event, or let the kids make up activities for each other.

{printable blank wedding fortune teller}


How to Make a Paper Fortune Teller

Also print this sheet of paper folding instructions so the children know what to do.

{printable fortune teller folding instructions}


How to Play Paper Fortune Teller Game

kids wedding activity paper fortune teller skiptomylou

Here’s how you play the game:

  1. Have a friend select a color and a direction to pull the fortune teller.
  2. Spell out the color while pulling the fortune teller opposite directions with each letter.
  3. After spelling out the color, have someone choose a number and a direction.
  4. Count to the chosen number while pulling the fortune teller opposite directions with each number
  5. Have someone choose another number
  6. Open the tab & do what it says

These fortune tellers are super fun.  You might like this summer activity paper fortune teller! You’ll even get a few chores done around the house with this version!

summer activity fortune teller


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