If you are thinking ahead to Easter, these eggs are fun to make. They would make a cute Easter wreath with the words, “Happy Easter” spelled out on the eggs.

I was totally inspired to see Martha make her own chalkboard paint. This could be the start to limitless crafts. I already loved chalkboard paint, but to have colors—wow. I think these chalkboard painted eggs would be unique place-cards for Easter dinner or just fun for kids to decorate over and over again with chalk. I used wooden eggs but you could also use blown-out real ones. They might be fragile when decorating, so I would probably fill them with plaster to make them more sturdy.

You will need:

Eggs, Acrylic or Latex Paint, Primer, Non-Sanded White Grout, 220-150 Sandpaper, Foam Paint Brushes and something to mix the paint in.


I first gave my eggs a coat of primer


I then mixed 1/4 cup of acrylic paint with 1 1/2 teaspoons of non-sanded grout. Mix well. Paint two generous coats of paint, allowing each layer to dry before adding the next. Once the two layers are dry, LIGHTLY sand the entire egg. Wipe away dust with a damp cloth. I repeated this process until I had 6 coats of paint.


Once the egg was completely dry I was able to draw on the egg with chalk. Most colors rubbed away easily, however a few needed a damp cloth to be removed. Plain black store bought chalkboard paint would also make for dramatic eggs.



I used a miniature grapevine wreath (sold in a bundle at the craft store) and a little bit of wooden green grass to display the eggs.

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  1. This is fantastic!! I can’t wait to do this with my preschool class! 🙂 Chalkboard paint is so expensive and this is a more cost-effective alternative. Thank you for the information and inspiration. 🙂

  2. Love Turquoise Chalkboard Paint! Try curing the egg by rubbing chalk on its side – wipe it off and rub again wipe off again. I like to do this at least twice. Hope this helps

  3. Ooh thank you very much for the tip on blackboard paint…I have a part of my wall in my current kitchen that we use for messages..weekly menus..and phone numbers…you know the sort of thing. But to have it colour co-ordinated…well…yipee…because mine is boring black!!
    Thanks again for sharing…
    Hugs Gloria

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