Making duct tape flowers couldn’t be more easy and now we are going to have the prettiest flip flops in Kansas! This project really is a an easy duct tape craft. If you like duct tape crafts like we do you will want to give this duct tape wallet a try. Did you know you can even make a duct tape bullwhip?  duct tape flowers

Duct Tape Flowers Supplies

All you need is

  • duct tape
  • scissors. Not just any scissors though! Can I tell you I have fallen in love with these non-stick scissors from Westcott. They are amazing and make this project a breeze!

How to make duct tape flowers

Begin by cutting 3 pieces of tape about 14 inches long each. Also cut one circle, as big as you can using the entire width of the tape.

how to make a duct tape flower

Fold the three pieces of tape almost in half — be sure to leave a sticky edge of about an 1/8th of an inch on each strip. Next, cut the folded strips of tape along the folded side every 1/4″ or so. The last strip can be cut every 1/8″.

how to make duct tape flowers

Place circle sticky side up. Start by sticking folded duct tape strip sticky edge down around the outside edge of the circle.

duct tape flower tutorialContinue sticking strip until the end of strip.

step by step how to make a flowerBegin with next strip, each round moving toward the center of circle.

how to make duct tape flowers step by stepContinue sticking strips.

flower duct tape craft

Roll the end of the last strip and stick into the center of the flower.

duct tape flower how to


duct tape flower

Gather some flip flops (we are going t make our old pair new again) , floral wire, duck tape and scissors.

Cut two pieces of wire about 4 inches long and two small rectangles of duck tape.

tape flower tutorial

Tape the wire to the back of the flower.

Cut strips of duck tape in half lengthwise. Wrap the tape around the flip flop catching the wire to attach the flower to the flip flop.

duct tap flower flip flops

Repeat for other flip flop.

how to make a flower out of duct tape

Duct Tape Crafts

Now that you know how to make duct tape flowers try one of these other fun ways to use duct tape.

Whip up a durable duct tape wallet. There are so many colored and patterns the sky is the limit with how cool you can make your wallet.

We have had so much fun playing with this duct tape bullwhip. It also makes a great addition to an Indiana Jones costume.

Duct tape can even be used to make this cool duct tape pencil bag.

More ideas

If you more about flowers than the tape, these tissue paper flowers are gorgeous and are really easy to make.  Flowers can also be made out of baking cups. These baking cup flowers even hold a special treat!


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