Here are our best tips and tricks on how to make slime less sticky!

how to make slime less sticky

I often get asked how to make slime less sticky.  When this whole slime-craze started at our house, I thought this was a great way for kids to be creative, use a little science, and even practice their kitchen skills with some measuring and mixing.  About six months into weekly (sometimes daily) slime making, I was surprised that my daughter and her friend were still so interested in slime making.

My daughter quickly learned that I won’t tolerate slime stuck on my table, my floor, my furniture and especially my carpet.  I throw all sticky slimes straight to the garbage bin, so she has mastered the least sticky slime possible!  Want to learn how to make fluffy slime? One of our favorite recipes is a fluffy slime that is borax free.

how to make clear slime

How to Make Slime Less Sticky

Here are some tips from my slime experts (who have tried it all!)

  • Knead your slime.  Even though the slime is sticky at the beginning of the process, it is super important to keep kneading.  As you knead, the slime begins to start sticking to itself and not to your fingers.  The girls tell me they are usually able to remove stickiness by simply kneading a little more than they thought they needed.
  • Add a little more contact solution.  If your recipe calls for contact solution as an activator, added small amounts (and continuing to knead) can help take the sticky out.
  • You can also try adding a teaspoon or so of baby oil.
  • Let the slime breathe.  We have found that just letting the slime get some air can take away the sticky.  This is especially true with the clear slime.  My daughter will often let it sit out for an hour or two, or even over night, and when she comes back and starts kneading, the stickiness is gone.

Slime Recipes and tips!

More than one year later (Yes, I said YEAR!) the slime making is still going, my daughter is now purchasing her own supplies, and she is still having fun with her friends mixing and sliming (I think this should be a new word in Webster’s dictionary!) After a year of intense slime making, we have tried too many recipes to count and have learned what works and what doesn’t work.

We hope you will try our slime recipes? We have tried to make sure we measure out the slime ingredients so you know exactly how to make each recipe. However, we have noticed the weather does make a difference in the results.  On humid days we might need a bit more activator (most cases contact solution). Also, we have found that the no glue slime doesn’t last long since my daughter’s hands are always warm.  It tends to disintegrate in her hot little hands.

If you are looking a basic recipe check out How to make Slime (Gak) This is the easiest recipe only needing two ingredients: liquid starch and glue!

how to make gak (borax free)

Try this slime recipe with shaving cream to make a fluffy slime.

fluffy slime

If you want a stretchy slime that holds it shape Butter Slime is for you.  Adding a little bit of modeling clay does the trick.

3 ingredient butter slime

Glow in the dark paint can actually be used to make Glowing Slime! We can’t wait to try Elmer’s Glow in the Dark glue too.


Clear slime is super fun. Let this one set a day or two to become really clear!

clear slime

If you ever wondered how to make slime without glue this recipe will show you how.

We hope all our tips and tricks have shown you how to make slime less sticky! Good luck! If you are looking for some non-slime activities try making oobleck, moon sand and playdough. You can even tell a few kids jokes or ask some would you rather questions while you whip up these fun concoctions!

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  1. i have a slime that is too sticky and it is made with toothpaste, do you know what I could to do improve it!??!

  2. Well my slime was still sticky
    Yess ok so add some lotion if you have some add salt and peper and it might get not so sticky

  3. Kati, yes, first read the How to make slime post. Then use this post for tips and tricks to make it less sticky if you need them.

  4. HI i make slime at home and it never works out. It turns out so sticky and all liquid. Can you help me?????!!!!!!!

  5. I have failed at slime for my boys more than I would like to admit too! Brilliant tips to help me in the slime frontier. Love this!

  6. Thanks for these great tips! Slime is still popular at our house too and we don’tlike Sticky slime! Cute photos—looks like your house is a lot of fun!!

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