A good Spiral Tie Dye is easy to do, just follow my easy steps below.  If you are looking for other fun craft ideas try my DIY Stepping stones or this fun burlap wreath idea!

How to spiral tie dye

To make a spiral tie dye shirt a fork is a really handy tool.  Place the fork in the center middle of the shirt. Press down firmly (without going through the fabric) and begin twisting. Twist until the entire shirt is in a spiral.hot to spiral tie dyeTightly wrap rubber bands around the shirt.how to spiral tie dye tutorialThese tulip kits are super easy to use and include everything you need, even gloves! Just add water and you are ready to go. Place dye in each section between the rubber bands. Make sure to really saturate the fabric. Allow to sit for about six hours. Follow manufacturer instructions for washing and caring for the shirt.how to spiral tye dye shirtOnce you have made your amazing tie dye shirt you are ready to turn it into a cool bag for the summer.spiral tie dye shirt

Don’t miss my tutorial on how to make this fun t-shirt into a useful bag!

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