Love beautiful boards but are you tired of making the same cheese board every time you have an important event? Add a twist to your charcuterie board by making a hummus platter with fresh veggies, black olives, and other delicious flavors. It’s the perfect snack board that takes almost zero prep time, and you can use homemade hummus or store-bought hummus that you can find in all grocery stores.

Here are 19 hummus board recipes perfect for game day, birthday party, or your breakfast table. Bon appetit!

1. Mediterranean Hummus Board Recipe

This Mediterranean hummus board is pretty, loaded with fiber, heart-healthy ingredients and a yummy flavor. Add red onion, fresh vegetables, a drizzle of olive oil, and whole grain crackers to get this delicious board. From Today.

Image shows a mediterranean hummus board with cucumber, red pepper, and black olives.
The red bell pepper adds a great flavor.

2. How To Make a Perfect Hummus Platter

Make this beautiful hummus board for a party and wow your hungry guests. It includes three different hummus types, so there’s something for everyone. The fresh herbs are really what adds the last touch! From How Sweet Eats.

Image shows a three-dip hummus board with pita bread and gren olives.
Get a lot of crispy pita chips.

3. Greek Nachos

Greek nachos are an easy way for hummus lovers to enjoy their share of creamy hummus with delicious toppings such as olives, tangy feta cheese, summery tomatoes, and best of all – no cooking required! From Laura Fuentes.

Image shows greek nachos with feta cheese, cucumber, tomatoes and a hummus dip.
We love easy to make recipes.

4. The Ultimate Hummus and Vegetable Board

This hummus and vegetable board is easier to throw together than you might think, and it’s healthy as well! So much flavor on this hummus board! From The Cookie Rookie.

Image shows a hummus platter with fresh veggies and decorated with plants.
Healthy means tasty.

5. Hummus Platter For Kids (And Grown Ups)

This Hummus Platter is the perfect snack plate. Great for kids’ playdates, after-school snacks or for an easy lunch. It’s no cook, super quick, and still looks impressive. From Taming Twins.

Image shows a no cook hummus and vegetable board.
Kids and adults alike will love this recipe.

6. Hummus Antipasto Platter

Check out these hummus recipes to try, and enjoy the tips on pairing ingredients so every platter you make is both delicious and filled with your favorite flavors. From Laura Fuentes.

Image shows a hummus charcuterie platter with fruits, cheese, and crackers.
This platter has all the flavors!

7. Hummus Charcuterie Board

This Hummus Charcuterie Board is easy to throw together with three fantastic spins on hummus. They are perfect for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and any Fall family gathering. From Simple Joy.

Image shows a hummus platter with cucumber, cheese, pretzels, and more ingredients.
Doesn’t this look so delicious?

8. How to Make an EPIC Hummus Board

Learn how to design a hummus board using an array of fruit, nuts, veggies, dip-friendly crackers, and hummus with pretzels. From World of Vegan.

Image shows a vegan hummus platter with fruits and vegetables.
This vegan platter is as delicious as it looks.

9. Classic Hummus with Canned Chickpeas Recipe

Here are 19 hummus board recipes perfect for game day, birthday party, or your breakfast table. Bon appetite! Here’s an easy recipe to make your own homemade hummus that has great Mediterranean flavors, just like the ones you’d taste in a restaurant. From The Delicious Life.

Image shows a Mediterranean hummus board.
So many flavors.


This ultimate Mediterranean hummus board has your favorite cheese board elements with the best-ever hummus with spiced meat, tzatziki, grape leaves, pickles, olives, and pita. From My Therapist Cooks.

Image shows a Mediterranean hummus board.
Enjoy the Mediterranean flavors on this board.

11. Ultimate Charcuterie Board Tutorial

Watch the video recipe for step-by-step instructions on how to make a charcuterie board with hummus, fresh chopped herbs, and crumbled cheese. From Tatyana’s Everyday Food.

Image shows a charcuterie board with meats, herbs, and Sabra hummus.
What is your favorite type of hummus?

12. Hummus Charcuterie Board

This middle-eastern inspired hummus charcuterie board will be your next go-to recipe for your potluck and a crowd favorite. Don’t forget to add extra crispy and soft nan. From The Edgy Veg.

Image shows two photos of a hummus dip charcuterie board with nan bread.
There are so many different ways to enjoy hummus.

13. How to Make the Ultimate Vegan Charcuterie Board

Loaded with hummus, oil-free vegan cheese, crackers, olives, veggies, and fruit, these vegan snack boards will be a hit among your guests. From Eat Plant-Based.

Image shows a hummus charcuterie board with fruits and cheese.
Don’t forget to add a bunch of fresh fruits.

14. hummus duo & charcuterie board

For the perfect evening spread, build a board with roasted garlic hummus and roasted red pepper hummus. Pair this dip duo with a variety of charcuterie, cheese and dippable pairings for the most delicious board. From Boar’s Head.

Image shows a charcuterie hummus board.
Your guests will fall in love with this charcuterie board.

15. Ultimate Classic Hummus Board

In just 10 minutes, make different varieties of hummus, and create the ultimate classic hummus board with three different flavors to choose from. From Reluctant Entertainer.

Image shows a large hummus platter with vegetables, cheese, fruits, and different dips.
Why make a cheese plate if you can make a plate filled with different flavors?

16. Charcuterie Board Hummus Vegan

Combining different types of hummus or bean dips and paired with Middle Eastern-inspired toppings. It is perfect for get-togethers as it serves as a great appetizer. From Justine Cooks Vegan.

Image shows a vegan hummus board with black olives.
Simple yet full of flavors.

17. Hummus and Roasted Veggies Board

This hummus and roasted veggies board is a beautiful board to create for a party! It’s healthy and tasty, so it’ll be a big hit for sure. From Recipe Girl.

Image shows a vegetable and hummus board.
Guests will love having the option to eat lighter.

18. Easy Pumpkin Hummus with Roasted Garlic

This easy pumpkin hummus recipe with roasted garlic is vegan, and super yummy for your charcuterie board this holiday season. From Food By Maria.

Image shows a large hummus board with vegetables and fruits.
Figs are always a great choice.

19. hUMMUS pLATTER {Mezze Mediterranean Tapas Platter}

Take your holiday entertaining to the Mediterranean with a hummus platter complete with meze, tapas, and other snacks to keep your guests happy! From Take Two Tapas.

Image shows a hummus platter with vegetables, nuts and dried fruits.
What a delicious recipe.

Our favorite Hummus recipes

Fresh is best, and that includes hummus! It’s worth the extra time to make hummus from fresh ingredients for the perfect hummus board.

top view roasted garlic hummus in a square white bowl garnished with black olives

Try this classic, flavorful roasted garlic hummus recipe for the best homemade hummus ever!

Looking for a fun twist on hummus?


Try these other Charcuterie boards:

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What was your favorite hummus board recipe?

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