i-melt-for-you DIY

Hi, it’s Amy here, from amyistheparty.com. I love all things party related – baked goods, decorations, and even themed gifts. I remember one year my mom made me this awesome ice cream soda with gum drops (much like the one pictured above). I proudly displayed it on a shelf in my room, until the gum drops got stale and my mom made me throw it away. It’s an adorable and inexpensive Valentine that is guaranteed to impress!


  • gum drops
  • toothpicks
  • styrofoam ball
  • ice cream float glass
  • straws

I started by wrapping my styrofoam ball in a little bit of plastic wrap, so as too keep the gumdrops edible. I filled the bottom of my ice cream float glass with gumdrops. If you don’t have an extra float glass on hand, you can find them pretty easily. I got mine at a local thrift store.

Place the styrofoam ball into the top of the glass. Now cover the top of the ball with gumdrops! I cut my toothpicks in half with scissors, then inserted the halves into the gumdrops. Now stick the other end of each toothpick into the styrofoam.

i-melt-for-you DIY

I cut my straws to different lengths and stuck them into the styrofoam, between some gum drops. I used striped paper straws but bendy straws would be cute too.

Now download the ice cream tags I designed for you. Print them on cardstock and cut out your favorites.

i-melt-for-you DIY

Use a regular hole punch to make holes in the tops of the tags. Tie one onto your float glass using a bit of ribbon or baker’s twine.

i-melt-for-you DIY

Make one for your teacher, your friends, your sweetheart, your child…and don’t forget…yourself!

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  1. I’m loving this idea, my daughter is in 1st grade, I want to make something that the kids will remember and enjoy 🙂

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