I Spy Water Sensory Bottles are the perfect way to keep kids focused and engaged! It is another fun kids craft in my summer craft series.  I have the best craft bloggers sharing  fun kids craft that will take away summer boredom and encourage creative play all summer .  Be sure to check out all our summer crafts and activities  ideas to keep kids active and entertained this summer!  From homemade slime to homemade oobleck you will find more sensory craft ideas!

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Hello friends! I’m Toni with Design Dazzle and I love to create and design! Thank you to Cindy for inviting me to be a part of her Summer Craft Camp! It’s always great to see the awesome ideas that help make summer crafty fun!


What better activity to create with your kids than to use supplies and doo-dads/trinkets found around your home. Kids love to shake things and parents especially enjoy this kid activity because there is little noise when the kids play with the I Spy water sensory bottle. Which do you think your child would prefer an I Spy toy or the water sensory toy? Maybe both!. Not only is this is a super easy craft but kids love to make it! Traveling or long car rides during the summer? Such a great activity for car travel.

Check your craft stash for any cute trinkets to add to the I Spy water bottle. I had a few buttons in my craft closet that were glittery, ice cream cones, cotton candy, rainbows, shooting stars, watermelon slice, etc. All fun little I Spy items for kids.



water bottle

doo-dads – beads, buttons, alphabet beads, mini pom-poms, any kind of small trinket

duct tape

hot glue gun

Optional: corn syrup

Optional: glitter


1. Remove the label on the water bottle. The water bottle I used had a very sticky adhesive label. Use a blow dryer to heat the label which helped remove the label from the bottle. I use baking soda and olive oil to help get rid of the adhesive residue. Vinegar and soap and water helps get rid of any left over grease. Some labels come off easy – so no need to go to all this trouble.

2. So here is the fun part for your kids. Give your kids an EMPTY water bottle and have them go on a treasure hunt for little doo-dads that will fit inside the water bottle. All sorts of Lego’s, Barbie accessories, beads, etc. (let them know what is off limits). Maybe make a mark on the water bottle for a fill line (depending on the size of the water bottle 1-2 inches from the bottom). Have your kids fill up to that line with trinkets.


3. Pour water into the bottle that has the trinkets and fill to the top.

Optional step: add about 1 cup of corn syrup and less water. Adding corn syrup to the bottle helps suspend the toys a little bit in the water. This is a completely optional step.


Optional: Make a I Spy list of the items that are inside the bottle. This list can be laminated and attached to the neck of the bottle (hole punch and string). Kids can always play a game with two people – one shouts out an object (inside the bottle) and the other person  needs to find and point out “found it”!!



4. The last step is to use a hot glue gun to seal the lid to the bottle. I also added duct tape for added protection against prying hands.

Caution: small parts with children requires adult supervision.


I would love to have you visit me at Design Dazzle! We love to celebrate childhood through crafts, parties, kids rooms and more. A  hopscotch rug would be great to make for summer fun.


Giant bubbles is one of my favorite summertime activities with kids. Don’t giggle when you see the secret ingredient for the giant bubble recipe.

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  1. If you fill it to the top with water, how do you add the syrup? There wouldn’t be any room.

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