Skip on over to AlphaMom today to learn how to make these silly inchworms. They ‘inch’ along to deliver a pencil or pixie stick to your valentine! I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Oh my, I think that I am in love with the inchworm! I found your site through another site which had a butterfly valentine from your site.
    I will definitely be back for more awesome ideas! I also put your button on my page!

  2. Thank you for the tutorials that you share. I made the pocket tissue holders for our senior ladies at church and they were a hit! Small things can make a difference. Again, thank you.

  3. Jami, I bet if you got creative & used glow in the dark or metallic papers, & sticker etc. Make them space monsters instead os inch worms he would think they were cool! Sincerely Diane in Oak Park, Michigan

  4. Love ’em! My little one will love this. I have to quit looking … every post is something else I just HAVE to make 😉

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