Whether it is rain, snow or no school causing your kid’s cabin fever or just plain boredom these indoor activities for kids are perfect for you. These kids’ activities include crafts, recipes, games, and printables! There is a huge list of things to do. You won’t be hearing I am bored again anytime soon.

If indoor games are your thing these family games are our favorites. Want easy? How about crafts and activities that you can make with ingredients right in your pantry. Try these crafty recipes!

Indoor Activities For Kids

Stretch your imagination and learn how to make slime. This safe DIY slime recipe is completely worry-free. Super easy and FUN! My daughter says it is so addictive!

indoor activities for kids

Start a book club. Here are all the free printables for a kid’s book club you need!

printable book reading materials

Get creative and make a sharpie mug.  It really is super easy to jazz up a plain white mug. These DIY mugs make the best homemade gifts! They can be personalized for any occasion.

indoor activities

Make friendship bracelets.  Do you remember making them when you were younger? Bracelet making by far was one of my favorite crafts!  I love the colorful strings, different patterns, and beautiful braids and knots.

indoor activities

Got snow? Make Snow Ice Cream. This snow cream is made with simple ingredients I am sure you already have in your pantry.  It is the perfect inside activity to do when it’s too cold to be outside for very long but you need some fresh air.

activities for kids

Homemade playdough.

t is easy enough for kids to help with, only takes about 10-15 minutes, and gives you comparable results to store-bought playdough.  And the best part of this playdough is essential oils can make it relaxing and mood lifting. No need for store-bought playdough anymore!

aromatherapy playdough

Sewing Practice Sheets. These sewing practice sheets will have you sewing like a pro in no time.  These sheets are great for kids and adults.  You might also like these practice sewing sheets for kids.

Marshmallow gun.  Marshmallow shooters are a riot for the entire family. Have a distance shooting contest, we’ve seen them go 20 feet or more. Or a see who can hit a target with the most accuracy. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to eat a few. Marshmallows are soft and won’t hurt walls.  Just make sure you pick them all up.

marshmallow shooter

Build a birdhouse. Head to the garage and start building! Here is a simple plan to make your very own birdhouse.  This is a great project for kids with adult help.


Bread in a bag

Bread in a bag is an easy recipe, that is great for learning, and is sure to provide hours of fun! It’s the perfect thing to do with kids!  If making bread intimidates you, you have come to the right place it can easily be made in a zip lock bag!

bread in a bag

Would You Rather

It is a hilarious game where you must choose from two equally (normally bad) scenarios. For instance, would you rather be stuck on a broken ski lift or in a broken elevator? The questions for this Would You Rather are all clean and great for kids!

would you rather game

Paper fortune teller.

I loved making these when I was a kid.  Use the free printable to make one, your kids will love seeing the activity options each time.

indoor games

Free Printable Coloring Bookmarks

free printable coloring bookmarks


Whip up a batch of oobleck and challenge your young scientist to define its state of matter.   If you quickly smack it with your hand it immediately turns into a solid, instead of splashing or moving. If you slowly move it with your hands it reacts like a liquid. Cool!


DIY Invisible Ink

A great way to entertain your kids and have fun with household science.  Kids will love making it and watching it disappear! It’s so simple you probably have all the ingredients already in your cupboard!

Kids crafts

DIY Stickers.

Yes, you can make homemade lick and stick stickers. These stickers really work and the possibilities are endless.

Marbelize paper

This effect turns out amazing and is very simple to create. The possibilities of what to do with your paper are endless— cover pencils, a book or a box, make note-cards, bookmarks or a picture frame etc.

indoor activities

God’s Eye

Making these Gods Eye is a camp classic that kids love.  Here a few more yarn crafts.

gods eye close up

Washi Tape Light Switch Cover

Do a little room decorating with this inexpensive craft.


Things to Draw

Learn how to draw with these step by step tutorials.

cute step by step drawing tutorials PIN

Here are over 50 hilarious jokes to keep kids laughing.  Here is a long list of what I think are some pretty hilarious kid-friendly jokes.  I tested them on my own children (and husband) and we all were cracking up.

kids telling jokes

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