This juice bag pouch a great way to recycle those juice drink bags into a fun zippered bag!

Capri Sun Container to Pencil Bag

You will need 4 juice bag containers and an 8 inch zipper for this little pencil case. For a larger pencil bag try 3 containers lined up vertically.

First, cut a slit in the bottom of each empty juice bag and rinse. Allow bags to dry.

Lay two bags end to end, one on top of the other. Overlap the ends until it measures 9 1/2 inches in total length. Stitch through the bags at the bottom of the top bag. I found a heavy duty needle (like for denim) helpful. I was also using a heavy duty thread. Repeat for other size.

Stitch one side of the zipper to the top of the bags —right sides together.

Notice carefully where to stop stitching. Do not stitch to edge.

Stitch the other side of bag to the zipper, again right sides together.

Lay zipper and bags flat and top stitch down each side of zipper.

Bring bags together wrong sides together. Fold zipper ends down on each side.

Starting at top side stitch down the side, across the bottom and up the other side.

I trimmed off just a little on each side to make it even.

There you have it, a recycled pencil bag!

If you don’t drink fruit punch try this lined zippered pouch or this pleated pouch to send your kids back to school with something special. Don’t forget to add a message (maybe an inspirational quote, words of encouragement or a secret love note) to the inside lining of your fabric pouch!

What other crafts can I make with recycled items?

Recycling materials help keep trash out of landfills and give them a second purpose for fun or for function.  After you have made this boat craft be sure to try one of these crafts.


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  1. Can you use hot glue instead of stitching.. ? Kids can’t sew so looking for a good project for them..

  2. Wow! This is an awesome tutorial! I never thought of this! Thank you for your inspiration! I will definitely visit your site again, this was my first visit! 🙂 /Pia

  3. So cute Cindy, I love it!

    I run Fun Family Crafts, a site similar in nature to Craftgawker and Spotlight, but different in that it’s a library of craft tutorials geared only at kids. I have featured your fun post here

    FFC also accepts submissions! Please consider this an invitation to submit as many kid friendly craft tutorials as you like! I look forward to seeing what you submit!

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  4. COOL! I have a pencil bag just like this but I bought it from the store and always wanted to make one! How cool! Thanks for sharing!

  5. SWEET! I have a pencil bag just like this and an Oreo one like it 2 and always wanted to know how to make them! 😀 Thanks for sharing!

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