My Kangaroo Drawing is an easy step-by-step drawing tutorial for anyone who wants to learn how to draw this adorable Australian marsupial. With a few supplies and about 20 minutes, you can have your very own kangaroo!

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color inside of ears pink, body brown and face, chest and inside of tail light brown kangaroo drawing
Kangaroo Drawing

Kangaroo Drawing Supplies

Just a few supplies you probably already have and you’re good to get started on this simple kangaroo drawing.

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored pens, markers, or colored pencils

How to Draw a Kangaroo Easy!

The instructions and illustrated images will show you how to draw this Kangaroo from start to finish. All you need to do is follow these easy steps.

  1. First draw the kangaroo’s face. In the middle of the paper, draw a curved line down and to the left to form the forehead and nose. Round off the nose and cure the line slightly down and across to for the jaw. Color in a sideways triangle shaped nose and draw a small circle for the eye. Finish the eye with 2 eyelashes, one curving up and one going straight out from the eye.draw nose and eye of kangaroo drawing
  2. Draw the long ears and neck. Draw a curved line up and back down. Space over slightly and repeat the curved line up and back down. Add a short line to connect the ears and add a line in each ear going from top to bottom. Add a slightly wavy line curving down from the ears. The wavy line makes the fur.add ears and back scruff how to draw a kangaroo
  3. Start the body of the kangaroo by drawing the chest front legs and upper back of the kangaroo. Starting under the jaw, curve a slightly wavy line down for the chest. Add front legs as shown in the illustration.draw chest and front legs kangaroo drawing
  4. Draw the belly, lower back, and back feet of the kangaroo. Continue the curving wavy lines down for the belly and the lower back as shown in the illustration. Draw the back legs like the picture below.draw rest of body and powerful bottom legs kangaroo drawing easy
  5. In step five, finish drawing the long thick tail and add details on the face, belly, and tail. The detail lines are lightly drawn to outline the face, belly, and underside of the tail.complete outline with tail easy kangaroo drawing
  6. In step six, color the kangaroo as shown below with brown, pink, and off-white. It isn’t shown here in this drawing but you might want to draw a female kangaroo and add a pouch on the stomach so she can carry her baby joey.color inside of ears pink, body brown and face, chest and inside of tail light brown kangaroo drawing

Easy Kangaroo Drawing Video

my favorite drawing supplies

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