Make Thanksgiving Dinner memorable for the kids! Creating a Thanksgiving Kids Table could be easier with these fun craft projects, free printables and table setting ideas!

A fun and friendly thanksgiving starts first with these funny Thanksgiving jokes. You will have everyone laughing!

paper mayflower ship sitting on white plate

Don’t you remember sitting at the “kids table” with your cousins during holiday meals at Grandma’s house?  It was the best!  Here are links for some really fun ideas to make this Thanksgiving a memorable one for your little guests.

Thanksgiving Themed Holiday Table Ideas for Kids

The check-off list right on the table from Hip Hip Hooray! is such a great way to entice the kids to try new foods — a little peer pressure is not such a bad thing! 😉 Such a great idea to make sure all the foods along with the Thanksgiving turkey get eaten!

childs table covered with kraft paper, hand drawn place setting , checkist to try new foods

Shindig Parties To Go has some cute printables to make everything you need to decorate a kid’s table.

colorful table setting for kids paper mayflower made out of patterned paper each place has yellow paper plates and a small mayflower ship

If you live in a warm climate, wouldn’t it be fun to set up the children’s table outside?  Savvy Moms Guide has a tutorial on a fabulous table made of hay bales, a sheet of plywood and a little burlap!  Add tree stump stools, food, and kids and you have a recipe for a wonderful feast!

outdoor thanksgiving kids table idea logs as chairs

This pumpkin “turkey” from Very Heatherly would be so easy to make and would keep the kids entertained for quite a while.

pumpkin crayon holder for kids table

Thanksgiving Crafts to Keep Kids Entertained

Kid friendly fall crafts and activities will ensure a perfect Thanksgiving.

Keeping kids busy and entertained during the meal keeps things running smoothly. I always set out Thanksgiving Coloring Pages.

give thanks coloring page

Keep the crayons wrangled with these felt turkey crayon holders. They look so cute sitting at each table and make a great take-home party favor.

felt turkey holder with crayons laying on white plate

Children will love learning how to draw a turkey. A free printable provides a perfect activity sheet.

how to draw a turkey worksheet

A free printable Mayflower Ship is a fun activity and can also make the table look great!

paper origami mayflower ship on white plate

These Felt Turkey Finger Puppets are super simple to whip up for the kids to help keep them entertained during the long meal.

child with turkey finger puppet

Wouldn’t these turkey sock puppets be fun for the kids to make and then host a puppet show for the adults.

child wearing turkey sock puppet

Keep the kids included in the conversation with these Free Printable Dinner Conversation Starter Cards. The cards give the perfect conversation prompts!

printable fall themed conversation starters and a jar in back

Don’t forget to “dress” for the occasion! Folded pilgrim bonnets help kids dress for dinner. Have the supplies ready to go and it is another fun activity.

girl wearing pilgrim bonnet

or make pilgrim hats. Both are sure to set a festive mood!

child wearing diy made pilgrim hat

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  1. Great ideas! I can’t decide if I will make the pumpkin crayon holder or the felt turkey for the kids’ table. The kids are the very young crowd, 4, 3, 2 & 2!

  2. Love your conversation with your MIL, June K.!! That is too funny! My mom and I just had the same conversation! Isn’t it funny how, in our Mom’s minds, we never grow up?!? Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What fun looking tables.

    Kids and grandma…. this is the conversation I had with my mother-in-law yesterday.

    Me: We are going to have a large group this Thanksgiving maybe we need to use paper plates this year.
    MIL: I have my dinner plates and the kids can use the smaller luncheon plates.
    Me: Mom, the “kids” can’t use those small plates – the “kids” eat more than the “adults.”

    Her grandkids are range in age from 20 to 30. Those kids will always be her small grandkids to her. 🙂

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