These look incredibly simple to make and are just beautiful.

I’m excited to welcome Kelly from  Make Grow Gather.

Hi everyone, this is Kelly — thanks so much to Cindy for having me over! My new book Weekend Handmade is out and I wanted to share a project with you. The book features more than 40 projects and ideas for simple crafts that don’t require a lot of time or fuss.

Weekend Handmade follows two others in the same series by STC Craft: Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick and Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I’m flattered to be in such good company! I think each of these books hits the sweet spot of well-designed craft projects that can be completed over the course of a relaxed, creative weekend.

Here’s one project that can be easily modified for any season. If you know how to measure, cut, and iron, you can make these lanterns. The most time consuming part is collecting flowers and greenery to press and waiting until they dry nice and flat. Once the lanterns are made, they give off a soft, gauzy light from the fused waxed paper.


Flowers and greenery

Heavy book

Paper towels

Waxed paper


Craft knife (like an X-Acto)

Cutting board or self-healing cutting mat


Ironing board or cloth for pressing

Washi tape (I buy mine here)


Collect leaves, flowers and foliage, keeping in mind that delicate, thin leaves and petals will try faster than thicker specimens. Put flowers, etc in between two paper towels and place inside a heavy book to dry.

Measure and cut four 4 ½ x 9 inch rectangles of waxed paper. You can adjust and make these any size you want, but I’m partial to a nice-sized cube, which makes the math easy.

Fold the waxed paper rectangle in half to make a square. Open square, place flower or greenery inside.

Close the square so the flower is sandwiched between the two layers of waxed paper.

Working on an ironing board or on top of a cloth, pass an iron set to medium quickly over the waxed paper to seal. This will fuse the two layers together. Repeat until you have four finished square panels.

Lay two panels side-by-side with the edges touching, orienting the panels so the sides you want to be the front of the lantern faces you (not facing the table). Cut a length of tape about an inch longer than the panel. Center the tape over where the panels meet and press in place.

Flip panel over and press the extra tape to the wrong side.

“Hinge” panels together and run your finger along the tape to make a sharp crease.

Continue joining the panels together until all four panels are taped into a cube.

Set candle (inside of a glass votive) or LED tealight inside the luminaria and enjoy!

Weekend Handmade by Kelly Wilkinson includes more than 40 projects and ideas for inspired crafting. Published by STC Craft. Photographs by Thayer Allyson Gowdy. Available at bookstores and online, or signed copies are available at Kelly’s blog Make Grow Gather.

Sunday Surprise! Leave a comment and one lucky person will win a copy of her book, Weekend Handmade!!

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  1. These lanterns are beautiful! My four year old daughter is SO into flowers right now and we already have some in the flower press. She will love using them to make these. Thanks for the tutorial and opportunity to win the book, I’ve put it on my christmas wish list 🙂

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